Do you feel uncomfortable with pregnancy?Share 4 methods to allow expectant mothers

After many women are pregnant, there will be some abnormal signals in their bodies, and some pregnancy reactions will occur. In the early stages of pregnancy, nausea and adequate appetite will occur. However, these symptoms will improve over time.However, many women will be afraid of cold after pregnancy, making many people incredible.

There are many female friends who are afraid of cold in a few months before pregnancy.Because in the first three months, the placenta in the belly has not been fully developed, and the temperature of the pregnant mother is slightly higher, so it will be afraid of cold.After the placental development is mature in the later period, the body temperature gradually returns to normal, and because the blood volume in the body increases, it will also cause the body to radiate heat. Many people will also have the phenomenon of fear of cold in the later stage.This belongs to normal physiological phenomena, don’t worry too much.

1. Reasonably adjust the indoor temperature

Most families are now warm, especially in the cold north.So adjusting the temperature in the house to appropriate, it will make the expectant mothers very comfortable.

2. Keep warm in the foot -cotton shoes 1 double

I believe that female friends have such an experience, that is, as long as the feet are warm, the whole body will be warm.If your feet are cold, you feel warm even if you wear more clothes.Then the expectant mothers at home can also prepare a pair of warm warm shoes, or cotton home shoes, so that it is not only very convenient to walk, but also has a good warmth effect.

3. You can wear pregnant women to keep warm underwear

The key to keeping warm is to wear armal underwear, but many expectant mothers who love beauty will not wear very bloated cotton clothes. This will not only affect their actions, but also increase the weight of the body.Therefore, in the cold season, pregnant mothers can keep warm and not too heavy. It is recommended that expectant mothers buy a set of warm underwear designed for pregnant women. It is best to choose more loose types.

4. Do some exercise frequently

Pregnant mothers do some exercise appropriately every day, such as yoga or walking, which can also make the body warm.In addition, when the body feels cold, you can drink some brown sugar or ginger soup. You must keep your mood happy. Don’t worry too much, and ensure high -quality sleep.

In addition, pregnant mothers should eat more high -nutrition foods, and can eat some beef and mutton in moderation, which can play a role in nourishing blood and qi, and improve the symptoms of cold during pregnancy.

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