Do you have blood during pregnancy?The danger of bleeding in different parts is also different!

Bleeding during pregnancy is a big event in the career of expectant mothers!However, bleeding is not the same as danger, and different types of bleeding have their own methods!

There are many reasons during pregnancy that can cause bleeding.But bleeding is not dangerous, do you know?Most of the bleeding during pregnancy will not affect the pregnancy process.And many mothers have experienced similar situations.

Early pregnancy: 28%

In the middle of pregnancy: 13%

Late pregnancy: 20%

Moon: 52%

According to pregnancy, bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy is generally a small amount of bleeding caused by embryonic bed or placenta formation process. The frequency of bleeding after the middle stage decreases, but some bleeding will affect the high risk bleeding of the pregnancy process.

Q: The amount of bleeding can be barely noticed, I am very disturbed

A: If you don’t care much about the amount, you can think there is no problem.If the amount of bleeding is very small, it is almost impossible to detect. Only if the subsequent checkpoint confirms that there is no problem with pregnancy.The crotch of expectant mothers is white, which can accurately grasp the changes in childbirth signals or secretions. It is recommended that expectant mothers prepare a few.

Q: There have been bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy, will it be prone to bleeding afterwards?

A: To see the cause of blood.The cause of bleeding is that there is no need to worry about in the early stages of pregnancy.However, if it is bleeding caused by vaginal cervical erosion or cervical polyps, the bleeding may be delayed for a long time, or bleed again under some opportunity.In addition, after the middle period, the risk of bleeding in the position of the placenta is also very high.Specific mothers must take the inspection carefully. Usually pay attention to the condition of contraction and abdominal pain, and the changes in the secretions are very important.

Q: What kind of bleeding is best to contact the hospital urgently?

A: If the expectant mother is a front placenta or has high blood pressure, contact the hospital as soon as possible.People with a pre -placenta are physiological contractions, which may cause the placental part of the placenta and cause severe bleeding.In addition, people with high blood pressure problems have a much higher risk of early stripping of placenta than ordinary expectant mothers, so pay special attention.People with pregnancy complications must fully understand the state of their bodies, which is very important.Therefore, it is necessary to confirm what to do with the attending doctor during the delivery doctor.

Q: Is there a situation that is easy to bleed?

A: It mainly depends on the burden on the body.Excessive burden on the body can cause strong contractions, and then may cause bleeding.Of course, how can the degree of the body cause the burden on the body varies from person to person, but expectant mothers still have to avoid long -term movement or sitting for a long time to maintain the same physical posture for a long time, pay attention to resting.Also, it is impossible to urinate or take the objects you feel heavy.In addition, arguing with dad can also cause mental stress, and it is easy to cause contractions, and you should also pay attention.

Q: Can bleeding be prevented?

A: It is very important not to cause contractions at will.There are many causes of bleeding, but if it is caused by uterine contraction, it can reduce the possibility of bleeding.Therefore, try to avoid causing burdens or mental stress to the body.Of course, there are many reasons that bleeding is difficult to avoid. It is very important to deal with it as soon as possible, so as to better protect the fetus in the abdomen.

After bleeding, the cause of bleeding needs to be determined and the state of the fetus should be confirmed, so expectant mothers should first contact the hospital calmly.At this time, the mother -child health manual should be placed at hand, and the doctor should be told as much as possible according to the reference items on the left, and then follow the instructions of the doctor or hospital staff.The doctor first confirmed that the fetus was fine.

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