Do you have such helplessness?The couple’s examinations were normal, but they were still forced to grant the test tube!

My husband and I were together in 2013. They got married in 2014. I didn’t want to marry the son before marriage, so I also took measures.Later, with the urging of family members, the formal pregnancy was in August 2014!

Because we are in good health (self -feel), I have never flowed, so I have always thought about when we can go!I have n’t been pregnant for 4 months to prepare for pregnancy. I slowly learned to test eggs and listen to the experience of warm palace in my mother’s circle (I have a little cold), but I still do n’t have two months.I went to the hospital for examination. I was fine. My husband had problems. The sperm was very vibrant and not liquefied!I checked everywhere. Later, the doctor prescribed the medicine and took it. After February, I still didn’t worry about it. I was worried that I had a problem. I went to the provincial medical examination. I also deliberately did the fallopian tubal angiography. The tubes on both sides of the tubes were common!But it is not smooth, but the doctor said that it will not affect pregnancy!

Then I can rest assured that when I checked, I asked my husband to check the sperm vitality again, and it was not qualified!In short, the sperm vitality of the husband is not good for a while, so if you want your husband to check the vitality of semen, only 80 yuan, please rest assured!

By the second half of 2015, I felt that I had a frequent visitor to the hospital. I went to the month everywhere. I already knew that there were fewer people who went to line up at that time, and what would be time to save time!

By September, I was annoyed in my heart, and there was no problem in the inspection. It was time to adjust it, and I didn’t want to do a test tube. Then, I just tried artificial fertilization!Continuous inspection was dragged until November, artificial fertilization!The inspection of people is the same as the test tube inspection, but it is only a few less inspections than the test tube, and the cost is slightly lower.Human surgery costs are 1800, and it is not more than 10,000.Like the probability of natural conception, it is to send the sperm in your ovulation period and receive the fate of sperm and eggs without conception.

I failed, but then I have been doubting whether the doctor has sent the sperm in, because during the operation, he said that my cervix was tight and rare, and it took much time than others!I am still thinking about this problem, the more I think he feels better!Medical morality!IntersectionBecause I transplanted today, another director of the operation also said that the cervix was too difficult to get in.

After being taught, he went home for half an hour.If the second month is coming!

Later, I was forced to choose the test tube. The test tube spent more money, I hope it is a good result!

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