Do you have the feelings of radio during college?See here to let you find Director Wang

When Su Lao wet college, at 11 o’clock in the dormitory, the light was off at 11 o’clock. In the era when there was no network, it could only enter the dreamland by the "bedroom talk" slowly.In 2005, Nokia was overbearing.But unfortunately, the girl’s pictures that are very simple to wear can not be brushed out. What is the use of Su Laishi to want this iron rod?Even more sad, there was no girl who could send text messages at that time.

Su Laidan vaguely remembers the radio bought for English level 4, accompanied us to spend the restless and hungry virgin night.Now young people, rarely know high -tech products such as radio.Fang Fang’s positive box, thrusting hard, can pull out the hard antenna of the hard -stroke, and seize the knob without damping texture, sandsha, the noisy sound gradually becomes clear.

Singing, selling medicine, night talk, male, female.We seem to be able to embrace the entire world through the web waves.After the scouring of time, many of the radio stations have been forgotten. Director Wang of the obstetrics and gynecology hospital has become the aphrodisiac on the road of my life.

Director Wang loves to lose his temper. In the present words, he is good at being stunned.The listener who called him hotline usually faces the dilemma of premature ejaculation. What should I do if my girlfriend accidentally gets pregnant? I want to retaliate against him when my husband derailed. I fall in love with others but I love my wife.To sum up, it is a problem with the lower body.According to the routine of 100,000 plus articles now, you must talk about the chicken soup to comfort these lost souls. The mavericks add poison to the chicken soup and drink it.

For the 20 -year -old boys lying in the radio, these are all out of reach.We mocked the scolded person while imagining the life of the girl in the future, kissing, pregnancy, marriage, derailment, the prodigal son turned back, and then turned off the radio to twist on the bed, waiting for the sunrise to welcome the single the next day.

Now that Su Laoshui has not found my radio for a long time, maybe I do n’t want to find it, maybe I was thrown into the garbage dump by Su Laidan as soon as I participated in the work.Sometimes I miss Director Wang too much, sitting in the car to open the radio, debug the black electric platform where there is no medicine to buy medicine.Ask himself and answer yourself. Has his girlfriend have not returned for many years, is there anyone?I answered that foreigners are good, and children can call uncle.I ask if I find another one to be derailed?I answered you, a scumbag, spicy chicken, rolling!

Su Laidan feels that many people now do n’t read books or newspapers. They always think about love and love. They ca n’t get it.Su Laoshi pointed to everyone, buy a car, choose a well -sealed, sound stick, the key is that the radio receiving signal requires a bar.Then I talked about how distressed you were, what about your girlfriend, what about his ex -girlfriend, vomiting, and tears.A little big, put it out, and the stomach and stomach were relaxed.Don’t be afraid of being lost, no one can lose anyway.

And this car that is suitable for your own voicing is Buick’s new generation of Junwei.The 8 -channel surround audio system of BOSE’s new tuning is equipped with the Bose second -generation Centerpoint virtual surround sound system, which can convert digital music into wiring sounds to make listening a wider sense of space.In addition, the second -generation Audiopilot noise compensation function is adopted. With the patented SurrowStage? Surround digital processing technology, the sound of various elements is reasonably distributed so that everyone in each seat can get the same listening experience.

The 8 -inch touch screen of the new generation of Junwei center console is equipped with Buick’s latest generation of Econnect intelligent interconnection system, which can realize a comprehensive and rich entertainment experience in multimedia, navigation, and reverse images.At the same time, you can use Apple Carplay or Baidu CarLife to achieve mobile phone mapping function.The air -conditioning outlet shape echoes the overall design of the central control, and the painted black decorative frame of the piano paint shows a strong sporty atmosphere.The central control area below the screen provides audio control buttons.

The new generation of Junwei provides the HUD head -up display function, which can directly projected the driving information related to the speed, navigation and active safety warning directly on the windshield in front of the driver, effectively improving driving safety.

The new generation of the Grand -Wei Sky Window control area includes the "Anji Star" system button with the sunroof control button, doorlight control keys and universal Peugeot.ONSTAR Angele Star full -time assistance provides 22 categories such as emergency assistance, vehicle positioning, and sound control navigation. A total of 22 services have been connected to the home smart appliances through the mobile app, which brings convenience to the life of the car.

As long as you sit in the new generation of Junwei, you are all of you to open the radio all over the world. Whether you want to be Director Wang or Dr. Li, the world is the master of you, who loves!

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