Do you have to keep your fetus with low progesterone. At least do you have to look at the low HCG value first?

Case introduction:

Patient, female, 26 years old, 6 weeks of pregnancy.

Main complaint: 2 days of vaginal bleeding, HCG10000 with a blood test, and progesterone 8.15.

Treatment: 20 mg muscle injection of progesterone.

Question: HCG is low and progesterone is low, will it definitely abortion?

There are many cases in clinical practice. Breeding and ultrasound examination are normal, but the result of blood drawing is "low progesterone".

Seeing such a result, many doctors recommend that pregnant moms take fetal medicine or fetal needles, and expectant mothers think for their babies, and also cooperate with doctors’ suggestions.

But is it really like this?

Low progesterone needs to be kept!

Early pregnancy bleeding is a very common phenomenon.

However, due to the unstable and examination methods of progesterone, the phenomenon of deviation of the test results often occurs, so the method of combining progesterone and HCG examination is used.

If only progesterone is low and HCG is normal, some are the cause of hormone levels, some are transient hormone level changes, or it may be the error of detection. It should be reviewed or HCG results are mainly.

I generally ask the patient’s menstrual situation carefully. Whether the menstrual interval of expectant mothers before pregnancy is short and irregularities such as menstruation to eliminate bleeding and low progesterone caused by incomplete luteum function.

Try not to easily recommend the use of fetal medicine for pregnant women, but carefully check the cause of bleeding for pregnant women, and comprehensively analyze the results of the examination, instead of looking at the basis for the treatment.

Because most of the pregnancy bleeding is caused by abnormal or other reasons, abnormal hormone levels account for only a small part.

Blind tire protection sometimes affects normal diagnosis and treatment.

Under what circumstances uses lutenone to protect the fetus?

If women have bleeding before menstruation during non -pregnancy, unclean after menstruation, coupled with basic body temperature determination, endometrial pathological examination, and hormone level assessment, it can be clearly diagnosed whether it is luteal ketone dysfunction.

Disrogoy function is one of the most common reasons for threatened abortion.

The progesterone produced by pregnancy luteal is the main substance for maintaining placental cells and embryo development.

Pregnant women with incomplete luteal function and exclusion of fetal developmental deformities can be given to progesterone.

Some people believe that since most of the early abortion is because of the poor development of early embryo, it is the natural elimination of human beings, and there is no need to protect the fetus.

Although this statement has a certain scientific reason, we cannot rule out that early marine abortion may also be related to incompleteness of maternal luteum function. Therefore, progesterone is necessary to consider.

From 4 months of pregnancy, the uterus will shrink from time to time every day for a few seconds. Medicine is called "painless contraction", which is a normal phenomenon.

If the contraction is greater than 3 times per hour, or accompanied by abdominal falling or pain, guiding bleeding, lumbaric acid, etc., then this is a symptom of premature birth.

It is generally recommended to apply potato chips to apply potato chips, or apply hot hips to relieve pain and reduce the chance of forming hardening.

Morlone, neither can be used as a long -term medicine for fetal protection, nor can it be blindly abandoned. It should be used when it is used. I miss the best time to use the drug and delay the fetal protection. Maybe a healthy baby is thrown away in hesitant.

in conclusion

The pregnant woman in the case, I think her blood HCG values are normal, so you don’t need to rush to protect the fetus first.It can be reviewed multiple times. If progesterone continues to lower and vaginal bleeding, tire preservation treatment is performed.

Finally, remind everyone that the best fertility age of women is 25-29 years old.With the increase of age, women have gradually decreased, and the abortion rate has increased year by year.According to statistics, the natural abortion rate of pregnant women aged 25-35 is about 15%, and once women reach 40 years old, the natural abortion rate rises to 40%.

If you plan to have a baby, don’t miss the best time.

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