do you know?Someone was reported at home, and was detained for 10 days after being arrested.

In the hot summer, the hot sun roasted the ground relentlessly, and the ground was hot, as if a huge steamer made people breathless.For the old man, you are shouted and coupled with a pair of flower shorts. This should be the standard in summer?

However, this kind of common dress has been complained and detained

Recently, the villager Li was shouted in his yard, and he was reported by his neighbors to report complaints. The police station also made a 10 -day detention education for Li. It was really a disaster.

What happened to this, please pay attention, we look down.

The villager Li is in his 40s this year, and he is still single so far, and he is also a famous old bachelor in the village.

Why can Li be single now?It is not because Li has a disability, nor is it that he cannot marry his wife at home.

In fact, Li also had an object when he was young, but an accident occurred when he was about to get married. The marriage ended directly. According to the locals, Li has notified all the persons who need to invite.However, it was not ended, and Li’s family became a joke in the village, and it was also a joke that was often mentioned.

Therefore, Li was stimulated and had a shadow on marriage.

In the past few years, some people often introduced him to the object. He was perfunctory every time, and in the end, he was gone.Just don’t want to get married, avoid the harm of marriage to him, and avoid the jokes of others again.

When Li’s parents saw that his son hated marriage so much, he no longer forced him.Following him, no longer mentioning marriage, after all, he can’t help but be a mother -in -law.

The parents did not care about Li who did not get married. In the future, Li was chic and free. A person lived in the former house. The house was not only new, but also beautifully decorated.

When Li was free, he packed up the yard and transformed it into a small garden.

Although Li is single, he loves very clean and has fun. When you are okay, you plant some flowers and plants, and make a big meal to work hard.By the weekend, I invited three or five friends to come to the house, barbecue, drinking, playing cards, and live very well every day.

The neighbor Wang was the neighbor Wang.

Although Li and Wang were peers, Wang had married early. At present, there are one child and a daughter. They actively respond to national policies and prepare for three babies, and Wang’s wife has been pregnant for 9 months.It will usher in the third child for a while.

Although the two are neighbors, there are not many daily relationships, and they are not resentful.

On one side is a single man, and the other side is the child’s knees, forming a sharp contrast, so both sides are intentionally taboo each other.

Whenever a friend came to Li’s house, Li and a group of old men had a big voice, and they ran the train with a mouth full of mouths, and they were not comprehensive, and they also sang.Whenever Wang, Wang hated teeth itching.

Li’s friends came for a day or two, and kept noisy all day.The two children who were noisy could not even write the homework, and could not only go to other homes to do homework.

RecentCome on.But seeing that his wife was about to be on the basin, he endured it, thinking that it would be better than one thing, and he didn’t say much.

In this way, the two will be able to take a while, but after Wang’s wife produces, the calmness of the two surfaces will be broken.

During this time, Wang’s wife gave Wang a small cotton jacket, and she opened Wang Moule. Looking at her daughter all day, she couldn’t see enough. Now the young daughter becomes a key protection object.The noise and smoke of the neighbors are even more unbearable.

It happened that the child was on the weekend, and Li’s friends were grilling in Li’s yard again.

At the beginning, several people just grilled and chatted, but later someone took out the sound in the car and was ready to engage in a music party. At this time, Li was discouraged, saying that there was a baby in the Lagua family at this time.

But friends who drink high just don’t listen, and refute you don’t even have children. You don’t understand. Now the baby is sleeping all day and can’t hear it.Li couldn’t persuade him, so he had to mess with them, and hoped that he would leave when he played.

After the audio equipment is done well.Several friends began to cry, and Wang’s younger daughter was directly awakened and started crying. Wang’s typical daughter slave was blown out and was about to come to Li to express his dissatisfaction.

Wang came directly to the roots of his yard. The anger Wang picked up the wine bottle on the ground and threw it into Li’s yard. It was unpredictable to throw a few more.

When Li heard the sound of a bottle rupture, he hurried to check and found that it was thrown by Wang Mou’s house next door. When I didn’t know what to do, Li’s friends began to play crazy.Throw it in a certain yard.

Seeing that my friend was going to fight with his neighbor Wang, Li had to let people send away friends who drink high.

The so -called asking God is easy to send God, and several drunk friends are still scolding and unwilling to leave.When Wang saw that the yard was full of broken wine bottles, he hated gritting his teeth, but saw that Li was not in trouble, so he had to return home to coax his daughter.

And Li felt that today he made friends so troubled, and finally made a lot of trouble, and he was very angry.

Since the last time Li Mou was unhappy, everyone no longer went to Li to play, and Li felt very lost.He also began to remember his neighbor Wang.

The relationship between the two in the past was not very good, and now it is not exchanged.

The weather is hotter every day, and Li doesn’t want to go out.Just take the cold under his yard tree, blow through the cool breeze, comfortable.

In order to be cooler, Li had started to rush a cool bath. When he came out, he only wore a short shorts in order to cool. I did not expect to be seen by Wang’s eldest daughter, and she was even ashamed.And quietly told his mother that Wang’s wife scolded the old bachelor, stinky hooligan.

In the evening, I give Li today only wearing shorts to her husband Wang, and want Wang to increase the yard or cover it.The daughter’s slave Wang listened to the old wife, and did not sleep all night. He thought about what to do in his heart.I am also worried that if this old bachelor is doing something bad.Although Li is usually good, knowing people and knowing face and unknowingly, they must be more careful in the future.

Wang, who had thought for a night, did not have a good way.

When Li packed flowers and plants on the yard, he also wore only shorts of shorts. Wang saw Li Mu’s dress. He thought that today he must give Li a little color.

Back in the house, he called the 110 alarm call directly, saying that Li Mou was only wearing shorts at home all day and playing hooligan.

After receiving the alarm, the police found Li to ask about the situation and visited other neighbors. Finally, he criticized Li Mou and detained Li for 10 days.

Li Mou watched such a punishment and said he didn’t understand. He thought that he was in his own home, what his freedom was, and no one could manage it. Wang was taking the opportunity to play, and he was too wide.

In the case, the two neighbors in the case caused a shouted at home due to a small friction, directly to the police station, and detained Li for 10 days of penalties.

As the saying goes, far relatives are not as good as close neighbors. In daily life, we have to help each other and live together.Civilization gets along and strive to create a love home.

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