Do you know the characteristics and precautions of dog pregnancy?

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How can I judge whether it is pregnant after breeding at home?What preparations should be made?And what should I pay attention to during pregnancy?I believe that many shovel officers will be at a loss. Next, Xiaobian will give you a lot of knowledge, dry goods ~


First of all, the most critical problem is the time for breeding. It determines the exceptions of offspring dogs, and at the same time determine the height of the fetal rate. Therefore, the best breeding time must be calculated according to the female dog’s estrus period, which is the eugenic of the dog.You can lay the foundation.

The calculation method is to confirm that the bitch’s vulva has obvious swelling and redness or when the first drop of blood is calculated. The first -yielding dog is generally mated for the first time on the 11th to 13th day.Each age of age or two nests is increased for each year, and the first mating is moved forward for 1 day.After some high -yielding bitter paparazzi repeatedly, the vagina stops bleeding for 5 days, and it is the best time to breed on the 6th or 7th day.

How to determine pregnancy

1. Use a test card to detect whether the dog is pregnant

When the shovel officer finds that the dog has symptoms of pregnancy but is not sure, you can buy a special detection card to detect whether the dog is pregnant. Generally, the dog can detect whether the dog is pregnant for a week.If you don’t worry, you can take the dog to the pet hospital for a check to see the dog cubs displayed in the B -ultrasound, and make preparations for getting life in advance.

2. Dogs will become larger after pregnancy, and sleep extravagant

Dogs will have obvious pregnancy reactions after 2 to 3 weeks of pregnancy.Dogs of this period will become lazy, do not want to exercise, and prefer to sleep better than before.Of course, the dog’s food volume will become larger, and the mood will be undulating, which will become bigger than before.

3. The dog’s nipples and abdomen changes

Dogs will change their nipples and abdomen when they are pregnant for about a month.Just like we are pregnant, the dog’s nipples will become larger, and the color will gradually become pink.And the dog’s abdomen will have obvious protrusions, and there will be obvious increase in urination.These characteristics are common features of dogs pregnant, and you should pay attention to shovel officers.


Dogs are also divided into three stages during pregnancy:

The first 30 days is the first stage. Don’t make trouble with the dogs, but you often talk with the dogs to make the dog have a good mood.

Instant feeding levels, do not add too much meat, eggs, nutrition and food.

Because the fetus is small and grows slowly, feeding too much food, nutrition will be absorbed by the female dogs, fat and not exercise, and it is easy to cause dystocia.

The second stage is 30 to 45 days. The female dogs can urinate frequently. The amount of exercise should be appropriately increased, which is conducive to the production of dogs.Increase nutrition, meat, eggs, yogurt … must be a small amount, and small dogs should pay special attention.

The third stage is 45 to 60 days. The female dog’s belly is obviously bulging. In the last few days, you can also touch the fetus rolling in the belly.You must control the amount of feeding (about 20%to 50%more than usual).The daily walking dog walking time must not be reduced, but it will increase.Increase the number of times, but you can’t increase the time. You can go out three times a day. You have to go home within 20 minutes each time, because a relaxed walk can help the producer of the bitch.

After passing these three stages, it is about to give birth. At this time, the dog mother will become uneasy, bad temper, like to hide in a dark place, grab the ground with paws, increase the number of dung and urination, etc.The puppy is not far away.

Most of the delivery is at night, most of the morning.Pets have strong maternal nature, and they can generally be completed smoothly. If individual maternal sex is not strong, it should help cutting the umbilical cord, dry the cub’s mouth, nostrils, and body surface of mucus.colostrum.

The dog mother who has just gave birth to the puppy try to feed foods with high protein as much as possible, but you should not increase nutrition too much, feed dog food, and sheep milk powder is fine. If you eat too well, you will get fat.

Dogs need to take care of it during pregnancy. Dynasties are also a major project for dogs, so everyone in the shoveling officer must care more about dogs and take care of dogs.

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