Do you know what the fetal dream you do during pregnancy mean?

Some people say that the baby dream can indicate the baby’s gender. Although there is no scientific basis, many people have verified that the fetal dream has indeed accuracy, and it cannot be explained and cannot be denied.

Penal dream refers to the dream related to pregnancy. The birth dream is of great significance to the parents who are looking forward to the birth of their children.The occurrence of fetal dreams usually run through the entire early pregnancy, mid -term or ending.But sometimes when there is a dream before pregnancy, half of the pregnant women have almost no such dreams after giving birth.

The baby dream is not the same as the usual dream. Generally, you will remember it clearly after you have a dream.After a few years or decades, children seem to have just done dreams.

There is no certain explanation method for fetal dreams, and there is no scientific basis to prove it.But many people say that through the baby dream, they will know that children are men or women in the future.

Generally, you dream of radish, cucumber, potatoes, snakes, turtles, etc. It is a boy; dreaming of red peppers, sweet potatoes, fruits, precious metals, flowers, etc. It is a girl.

A pregnant mother said: "Dreaming about going to the hospital for a checkup, the B -ultrasound said that I was pregnant with twins. My husband and I did not believe that the hospital was re -examined. Later, I really went to the hospital to let the doctor review it once.It’s twins. "

Another baby’s fetal dream is very interesting: "I dreamed of a dragon to me when I was 2 months pregnant, and I was scared at the beginning. Later, Long actually ran to me and nodded to me.It was suddenly not afraid of it, and I felt very interesting when I woke up. The son was born. The adults dare not count on. "

There is also Bao Ma said: "Is there really such a thing. In two months, I dreamed, dreamed of two little snakes, and the color was different. Later, the B -ultrasound was found out, but it was not good.After two months, I had another dream, but there was only one little snake. As a result, there was really only one baby, and a baby had stopped. For this reason, I was sad at home for many days."

1. The form of things that appear in the dream must be complete, the more beautiful, the better.

2. You must hold it with your hands, completely swallow, etc., and completely occupy things.

3. Close or contact personally, such as touching with your hands.If you are clear from a distance.

4. Never escape.Dreaming that snakes and other animals or things with fear cannot escape, they have to catch up or grab.

5, cannot be destroyed or eliminated, the fresher the better.

6. Don’t refuse or lose.

7. Can’t give others, grab it.

8. To feel happy and satisfied, this is a good sign.

9. Dreaming of colorful clouds, rainbow, dragon, fairy, goldfish, etc. can indicate that children have extraordinary abilities.

10. Wishes to realize, solve difficult things or retrieve the lost things are auspicious signs.

Dreaming Dragon: It indicates that the son will be a big man in the future.

Dreaming of snakes, cocks, or fairy cranes into arms: the signs of having a son.

Dreaming of cattle: Son will filial piety.

Dreaming of black pigs: Son will be more wealthy.(White pigs indicate to have a daughter)

Dreaming of turtles: Son will have great power in the future.

Dreaming of a tiger: The son of his son is upright and brave.

Dreaming that Long entered the house or was driven by a wild boar drive: the son will be famous in the future.

Dreaming of carp: Daughter is beautiful and full of wisdom in the future.

Dreaming of Ao shrimp, eggs, crickets, butterflies, or pigeons: It is likely to have a daughter.

Dreaming of strawberries, apples, tomatoes and other fruits or stroke willow trees: indicate to have a daughter.

Dreaming that the moon entered the arms, indicating that her daughter was born.

Dreaming of Shuangcai Xia: It indicates that the daughter is full of appearance and blessing in the future.

Has Bao moms had a dream?What kind of fetal dreams are they all?

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