Do you know which can be eaten after pregnancy and what you ca n’t eat (Bao Ma shared)

After women are pregnant, some changes will occur in their diet. Before pregnancy, you can eat some "junk" foods unscrupulously, but after pregnancy, in order to have a healthy baby and for postpartum recovery, expectant mothers still have to still havePay attention to dietary problems, let’s learn about the diet during pregnancy with Xiaobian.

First, it is recommended to eat some foods

1. You need to eat folic acid in the first three months of preparing your child and three months after pregnancy. You need to supplement calcium supplementation in the middle and late pregnancy. The doctor will give you some calcium supplements. Of course, you can also drink some milk to add calcium to supplement calciumEssence

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables: apples, tomatoes, cucumbers, grapefruit, kiwi, grapes, etc.

3. Proper soup: Drink plenty of water, drink boiled water, and reject any coordinated juice; catfish soup, pork rib soup, peanut and red dates soup are good. Remember to clean the oil and recommend lunch.

4. Products containing calcium, iron, and vitamins: such as animal liver, lean meat, etc.; Dairy products, shrimp skin, tofu, etc.; Spinach, pea seedlings, carrots, etc.

Second, some foods that should not be eaten

1. Hawthorn (that is, the familiar rock gourd) and its products (hawthorn tablets, etc.), modern medicine confirms that hawthorn has a shrinking effect on women’s uterus. If pregnant women eat a large amount of hawthorn food, it will stimulate the uterine contraction and even cause abortion.

2. Turtle and crabs. These two things are more physical to eat, but it is best not to eat pregnant women, because these two things have cold attributes and have the effects of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, so they also have the effect of abortion.

3. Everyone should know about spicy and irritating foods, such as pepper, coffee, strong tea, wine, etc. These will cause bad irritation to the fetus, affect normal development, and even cause fetal malformations. Therefore, pregnant women cannot eatfood.

4. Litchi and longan, these two foods are hot foods. After eating, the internal heat will increase, which hinders the body’s gathered blood tires.

5. Processing food and canned food, because these foods have added a certain amount of additives during the production process, such as artificial synthetic pigmentation, flavors, preservatives, etc., pregnant women often eat these foods that are not good for health and may affect the development of the fetus.

6. Hot material: Pregnant women eat hot materials, such as cumin, star anise, pepper, pepper, cinnamon, spiced powder, etc., which is easy to consume intestinal moisture, reduce gastrointestinal secretion, and cause intestinal dryness and constipation.After the constipation occurs, pregnant women will inevitably resolve their stools, increase the pressure of the abdominal pressure, compress the fetus in the uterus, and easily cause adverse consequences such as fetal movement and premature birth.

Special reminder: These foods that are not suitable for pregnant women are different from person to person. Many pregnant women may say that I have eaten some of these foods.Everyone should try not to eat these foods. For the safety of the baby, expectant mothers still have to make some sacrifices on the food.

Third, more exercise

1. Walking is the safest and most suitable exercise during pregnancy. Let her husband walk together, mainly to decompress;

2. Go quickly. From May, you can walk 3 ~ 4km every morning at 7 am every day. Until the production of production, the increase in the belly will gradually slow down in the later period;

3. Yoga, you can do it from April to 6 months. Don’t force yourself. The main role of yoga is to calm yourself in your heart.

4. Family affairs that can be done, simple cleaning, folding clothing, and so on.

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