Do you need contraception during lactation?Regarding breastfeeding, these things have to be said!

Dr. Aijinhong, a Baijia Maria Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital in Changsha, is conducting postpartum knowledge of Bao Ma.

Some people say that you cannot dye your hair, you can’t apply nail polish, you can’t eat spicy … For mothers who love beautiful, spicy and unhappy, do you really have to "sacrifice yourself"?We all know that breastfeeding is a special period of postpartum, and the mother’s every move will affect the baby.Today, let’s talk about what we should pay attention to when breastfeeding.

1. Breastfeeding = natural contraception?Not reliable!

Many Baoma has some misunderstandings in "postpartum contraceptives" for granted: "After giving birth to a baby, the uterus has not recovered well, it should not be pregnant." "Breast milk feeding is not easy to get pregnant."…

However, this is not the case.It is not uncommon to get pregnant during breastfeeding during breastfeeding!Don’t think that you can do no contraceptive measures during the same room during lactation!This is very easy to cause unexpected pregnancy!

Baoma is not breastfeeding every moment, so it is not enough to completely suppress ovulation.Many mothers "recruit" again shortly after giving birth, but because of their poor physical conditions or other factors, they had to go to "abortion", which suffered a lot of unnecessary sins.

Especially the mother of cesarean section, the wound of the uterus itself has not been healed, and it is more likely to cause damage when the flow of people. If you don’t pay attention, the uterine perforation, the intestinal tube rupture, and the hemorrhage may find the door.So I especially remind Bao Mom, after childbirth contraception, you have to be a little heart.

How long can I restore sex after giving birth?

The time for postpartum recovery sex vary from person to person, which has a great relationship with Baoma’s physical conditions, postpartum recuperation and methods of childbirth.

At the same time after giving birth, it is recommended to wait for the uterus to recover before starting, so as not to stimulate the uterus that is being repaired and cause inflammation.The uterus can slowly return to the state of pregnancy 6 weeks after delivery, so the mother who is born is usually the same room after 6 weeks after delivery.The mother of cesarean section requires a longer recovery time because it directly gives the uterus. It is advisable to start the same room in 3 months after delivery.

Bao Ma has to be contraception from sexual life since childbirth.Some Baoma recovers the postpartum ovarian function quickly, and there will be ovulation even if there is no compound menstruation.Therefore, even if you are breastfeeding and do not have menstruation, you must take contraceptive measures.

3. Can I take contraceptives during breastfeeding?

Not recommended!If you are breastfeeding, it is not recommended to take the contraceptive pill for contraception.Most of the current contraceptives, the main component contains estrogen hormones.After taking estrogen hormones, it will inhibit the secretion of milk, and the hormone of contraceptives can still enter milk, which will have a bad impact on the health of the baby.

Fourth, convenient and reliable contraception to see here

1. condoms: As long as it is used correctly, the contraceptive rate is still very high, and disease can be prevented.

2. In -the -palace birthday: Women can choose to place the in -the -palace birthday to prevent the fertilized eggs from implanting on the uterus.Generally speaking, after the puzzle period (42 days after birth), the in -palace can be placed after the end of the puerlasia.Follow -up review needs to be reviewed regularly, and the position of the ring is determined through the B -ultrasound.If you want to get pregnant again, you have to take it out first.

3, ligation: If there is no fertility requirement, ligation is one for all contraceptive methods, and men and women can ligate.

4. Under the skin buried contraception: subcutaneous implantation refers to placing a certain dose of progesterone in the silicon capsule tube, and then implanting this tube under the skin of women, so that it is slow, sustainable, and constantly release a small amount of progesterone.In this way, the body does not need to regulate the ovulation of hormones to maintain the physiological cycle, and it has the effect of long -term contraception.

Choosing the right contraceptive method can better protect yourself and partners, and it is also responsible for future babies.(Correspondent Huang Ying)

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