Do you need to spend money on the file?You only need to know about "building files"!

Building files is a major event that you need to do after pregnancy.Many people are the first time to be parents. When they heard the word Jianjian for the first time, they may be blank.

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· What is the archive?

The establishment of the file is to go to the community hospital to apply for the "Mother and Child Health File" after 6 weeks of pregnancy. At about 12 weeks, I took relevant documents and went to the favorite hospital for various basic examinations. All indicators met the conditions.It’s right.This means that the expectant mothers will be checked and given in this hospital throughout the pregnancy.

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· How to choose a archive hospital?

If you want to choose a suitable archive hospital, you need to consider it more comprehensive consideration.

Public hospitals, strong medical resources, many experts, and charges are also acceptable to most people.But everyone also knows that there are many people in public hospitals, especially when they encounter the so -called "good years", everyone will have children, and it is even more difficult to build a file.

Private hospitals, good environment is good, some private hospitals will also ask well -known experts to take a clinic.However, the corresponding costs are not cheap. If you want to choose a private hospital, everyone must consider whether the small vanks at home are enough.

In addition, the distance is also a factor that needs to be considered. By the third trimester of pregnancy, the mothers may go to the delivery check every week. If the hospital is too far away from home, the road is also very tossing.

Therefore, if you want to choose a suitable hospital, you need to make the best choice based on the hospital level, charges, and distance.

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· Peak of fertility, set up files early!

It is important to choose a hospital, but expectant mothers should not hesitate.In recent years, it has been a peak of fertility. Especially after the two children were let go, the beds of major hospitals were even more tense.Generally speaking, when you know that you are pregnant, you have to go to the hospital to queue up to register and do a corresponding examination. If all indicators are in line, the hospital will change the medical record card from 16 to 20 weeks.Essence

What inspections do you need to do?

Basic examinations include weight, blood pressure, blood test, urine testing, etc.Among them, blood tests include biochemical examination, hepatitis B, syphilis, AIDS, eugenics, liver and kidney function, etc.The indicator meets the requirements of the hospital, and the doctor will allow archives.

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Xiehe’s mother’s experience sharing: I just knew that I had run to Beijing Union Hospital for examination. I did a B -ultrasound to confirm my pregnancy. By 12 weeks, I performed NT and performed blood for basic examinations and biochemical examinations.EssenceAll the data before the files are recorded in the case of the case. There is a number in the medical record that is the bed number, and the bed number can be built with the bed number.Maybe because I have a baby in the sheep, there are not many people, and the beds are sufficient.Later, my friend was born in the year of the monkey, and the bed was full when I went at 5 weekends.

Therefore, everyone still has to do it early, and hurry up when you find pregnancy!Especially the prospective dad, my wife is pregnant, this incident requires you to make a lot of effort in front of the horse ~

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