Do you not be a child with recurrent abortion and closed antibodies?Experts say no

Being pregnant and having children is the wish of many newlyweds and wife, but in real life, some people are not smooth sailing. Sometimes they have to say goodbye if they have not met their babies. For exampleTwo years have been pregnant twice, and they have encountered fetal stopping. Fortunately, Director Deng Guiling, Director of Deng Guiling, was lucky to meet the recurrent abortion clinics of Qinghua Hospital.

Qinghua Baoma: Ms. He (31 years old)

Family address: Jining Surabaya County

Indications: Director Deng Guiling

Started medical history: Two fetal stops were stopped twice (about 80-90 days). After being introduced by a friend, he came to Qinghua Hospital for fetal treatment and gave birth to thousands of gold.

Condition diagnosis: recurring abortion, closed antibody negative

Treatment results: The girls were successfully produced on January 13, 2016, and now they are more than three years old.Now I am pregnant with a second child.

Qing Huabao’s mother, Ms. He, first became pregnant after marriage. She was ignorant. She went to the hospital for more than 90 days of pregnancy and was told that she was told that she had no fetal heart buds.She had a problem with her body, and she successfully ushered in the good news of the second pregnancy, but did not expect that there was a baby -free and fetal buds when she was about 80 days.

Fortunately, Ms. He learned from her friend’s mouth’s seriousness of her physical problems. It was learned that friends had also stopped abortion to Qinghua Hospital for fetal treatment.Tire Clinic] Director Deng Guiling.According to the situation, Director Deng said that there are currently many cases of clinical fetal stopping. It is recommended that both husbands and wives do a related aspect check. After a comprehensive examination and confirmation, Ms. He closed the antibody negative.(Closed antibody negative means that patients will reject the embryo, which will lead to abortion.)

The stopping of the fetus is a soft place in the heart. Although so, we must correctly understand and face it bravely.Director Deng Guiling adopted active immunotherapy for him. At the same time, the combination of Chinese and Western drugs restored its dynamic balance of breeding of the micro -environment, exerting normal physiological functions, so that the body was in a good nurturing environment. Under the scientific guidance of Director Deng, Ms. He quickly became pregnant quickly.Then use appropriate amounts of specialty drugs for tire preservation, fully regulate the internal environment of the human body, and enhance the vitality of the fetus in all aspects.

After October, Ms. He was successfully delivered on January 13, 2016, and ushered in her intimate little cotton jacket. Now this Qinghua baby is more than three years old, and the happiest thing is Ms. He, Ms.Xi Huai’s second child, for the sake of no longer on the occurrence of fetal stops. Ms. He, who trusts Qinghua Hospital, came to the hospital again to protect the fetus at the same time. The babies on the scene were lively and cute.It’s not easy to get pregnant, so be sure to pass it on.(Welcome to scan the code to pay attention)

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