Do you not know the trick to help you in life?

Are you very envious of the family who hugs two years when you touch it, and you have been holding two years, and you have always been able to be pregnant with the same room during ovulation?In fact, this has a certain relationship with some small details in life, and you often ignore it.I summarized some small details of my pregnancy. Let ’s take a look at how many points you have done. Are those bad habits?(Only the family that both sides do not have any big problems)

1. Be sure to eat breakfast

Maybe most people are the same as before.I am the kind of person who rarely eats breakfast. Later, after knowing him (a friend is not a husband), he always bought it, and we often go together when we have a good relationship.Habit.Maybe you have eaten a little bit about it, and you will not eat too late.It is wrong to not eat breakfast, because there is nothing in the stomach after a night.If you do n’t eat at noon in the morning, the stomach is particularly hungry. Eating too much is not conducive to digestion. Besides, it is a great impact on the stomach for a long time in the morning.

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables, and some things with high nutritional value

I do n’t like to eat meat, and I eat more vegetables. I especially like to eat grapes, blueberries, mango, watermelon and other fruits. I buy it every time.High -nutritional carrots, tofu, corn, pork ribs, yam …

3. Law of schedule

Like young people who love to chase dramas, they often stay up late to late, obviously they are already sleepy, but they just don’t sleep.This will make your brain have a aggressive state of your routine. It doesn’t matter if you occasionally boil for a day or two for a month, and your body metabolic function will be affected for a long time.Go to bed early and get up early, good for yourself.

4. Relax the mentality and adjust the state

When we encounter difficulties, we must put my mentality well, and no matter how big it happens, it will not be resolved without calm down.After the ovulation period, but there has been no, don’t be anxious, and keep in a happy mood.Usually, two people can visit the mall on weekends to see things that are conducive to the heating up in movies.

Special attention: Some girls smoke and drink, they must quit.Next, it is mostly manifested on the man. Pregnancy is a matter of two people, and it is impossible to rely on one side alone.

5. Quit smoking and drinking

Basically, 90%of men will smoke and drink. If you want to get pregnant, you must quit. This quit is not the one that allows you to quit for a day or two or two months. At least half a year or moreWhen you meet three or two friends, you can drink a little bit.

6. To each other’s tolerance and understanding

Everyone will make a noise, but the three or two days will be noisy.This behavior will greatly destroy the emotional relationship between the two sides. Emotional is easy to hurt the liver and be angry with endocrine disorders.

7. Give the other party some small surprises

Many people will say that I have given her all the money, and they have been together for so long and do not need it.Then you are wrong. Feelings need to be warmed up. In the end, there are things such as chai oil and salt in life. Passion will reduce interest in sexual life. Naturally, don’t say that you are pregnant.Birthdays, anniversary celebrations have different festivals to others. Giving gifts is special, which is conducive to the heating of emotions.

You also have small details in life, welcome to discuss together to help more people.

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