Do you often dream about the old people, do you dream of night?

Some of our sisters were brought by my grandma. When I was in junior high school, my mother left me and lived in her life. I was the one in the middle.Living together, the feelings of grandma are unable to describe. Although Grandma has a lot of grandchildren, the deepest relationship with us is our sister, especially my brother, and my brother has been big since he was a child.

When my grandma died, I did not send her, because I was pregnant at that time, my customs here, people who were pregnant could not participate in happy events, happy events rushed to others.I often dream of my grandma, is this dreamed of every day?

A few days before my grandmother’s death, I went to see her two or three times. Later, my dad asked me to return to my mother -in -law’s house, for fear that it would be bad for me.The grandmother was lifted back to the old house that day. I dreamed of my grandma a few days before the death of my grandmother.Later, my dad called me and said that grandma was gone, so I notified me. My dad told me that he could not return, and gave a red envelope. At that time, I was uncomfortable when I heard this news.I used to live with my grandmother, I couldn’t accept it.

My grandma left, and I couldn’t go back to send her, and then I often dreamed of her.I haven’t been able to worship her for various reasons. My grandma has died for more than a year. In this year, I still can’t accept that she has gone. Maybe I want grandma too much.Grandma said and laughed.

After her death, she dreamed that she should be added more than a dozen times. Many times I dreamed that she had dinner with those aunt and me, and said and laughed.The most authentic dream is that before my grandma died, I went to see her. I told my grandma that I was pregnant again. My grandma said, Okay, a younger brother.I said, I don’t like my brother, this is my sister.My grandma said why I didn’t like it again, I said it was too difficult to bring it.I also said that I will take her back to see you and talk to you.Then my grandma said, grandma has no chance to see, what can I say, can I see it.Later, I also dreamed of this kind of scene. I took my daughter to my grandma’s grave to worship. When I ran to the incense, I ran an old man. I couldn’t see it clearly. The old man sat down and talked to my daughter.I hurried over because it was a dream, so I couldn’t see it clearly. I think that is my grandma. I walked over to see my daughter. The old man kept talking to my daughter. Anyway, I always watched my daughter.I was afraid that others would take her away. I didn’t say hello to the old man, and then I woke up, and I didn’t dare to get up to the toilet in the middle of the night.

After this time, I later dreamed of less the number of grandma. Others said that they often dream of the old people, and they would not be good to myself. I don’t know if I might miss my grandma too much. Unfortunately, it isGrandma was gone and couldn’t get her. After taking me for more than ten years, there were noisy in these ten years. Now I think of it, I regret it, and blame myself.In the case, grandma was good for me. Because it was too young at the time, it caused regrets that were buried in my heart for a lifetime. I really responded to that sentence until I lost it before I knew how to cherish it, so I do n’t know how to cherish it until I lose it.

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