Do you really understand newborn rubella?

When the baby was born, the physical function was not developed, so the resistance was more fragile at this time.Robella is one of the diseases that are susceptible to infection, which makes many parents worry.So, what is neonatal rubella?What are the symptoms of neonatal rubella?How to care and prevent neonatal rubella?These are the knowledge that novice parents need to understand.

What is neonatal rubber

It is an acute rash infectious disease, mainly due to the patient’s infection with rubella virus.This is a disease with a relatively high incidence of newborn. The incidence rate is the highest in winter and spring, but it can be immune for life after the disease is infected once.

Symptoms of neonatal rubella

1. Lack of period

The rubella virus has a certain incubation period, but because each baby has different physique, the incubation period is long and short. Generally, 2-3 weeks. At this time, the children are not uncomfortable.

2. Pre -drive period

One to two days before the rash, there are no obvious symptoms in this fashion, and the discomfort is slightly mild.Babies may have low or moderate fever, and there are also slight upper respiratory inflammation such as headache, loss of appetite, weakness, cough and runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, and conjunctiva congestion, and occasionally diarrhea and vomiting German symptoms.Some babies’ throats and soft palate parts will also appear red or bleated of bleeding rash due to illness.

3. Rasal period

Generally, after 1-2 days of fever, the baby’s facial neck will appear rash, and then the whole body will be spread all over the day, but there is no rash in the palm and soles of the feet.This rash is relatively sparse on the face and limbs, and the symptoms are similar to measles after fusion. The number of rashes on the body’s torso is large, and it is often fused into pieces, which looks similar to the scarlet hot rashes.Generally speaking, it will fade within 1-4 days.

During this period, there were low fever and mild upper respiratory inflammation, and it would gradually retreat after the rubella retreat, and the symptoms basically disappeared.In addition, the onset will also cause the whole body to be superficial lymph nodes and the enlarged spleen, and gently compress the pain, but it does not fuse or pus. Such symptoms will be slower, generally 3-4 weeks.After the rash fades, there is basically no scar on the skin, and no pigmentation and desquamation will occur.

TIP: Some children do not have rash when they occur, only slight fever and upper respiratory inflammation will be available, and lymph nodes will also swell.Other children look different from ordinary people when they are suffering from rubella, but his serum detection rubella antibody is positive and is called hidden infection or sub -clinical patients.

Reasons for newborn rubella

The rubella virus is often overlooked because of its symptoms and good prognosis, so its harm is often ignored.However, if expectant mothers are infected with the virus during pregnancy, they may also cause the fetus to be infected and suffer from astrobic syndrome.This disease is one of the culprits that trigger fetal congenital deformity.

Newbord rubella is a very common disease. This is because the newborn babies have not yet developed, and their skin and pore function are not perfect, so it is very easy to infect rubber.However, even if the condition occurs, parents need not worry too much, because the disease is not infected by others, and it will disappear by itself in a few weeks.

How to care for neonatal rubella

The disease does not have a direct treatment method. It is mainly to improve the child’s care work, and do some symptomatic and support treatment.At present, the specific nursing method is similar to measles care methods. It is mainly to allow newborns to rest more during the fever, drink plenty of water, and choose foods such as liquid or semi -liquid in food.

If a child suffers from congenital rubella, it is inevitable to carry this virus for a long time.At this time, the baby should be checked to check whether its vision and hearing damage. If there is, special education and treatment should be performed to improve the quality of life.

Newborn rubella prevention method

1. Stay away from the source of infection

In the early pregnancy, whether pregnant women have suffered from rubella or not before or vaccinated before, they must stay away from rubella patients to prevent fetal malformations. As soon as they are born, they have congenital heart disease, cataracts, and deaf and mute problems.

2. Active vaccination

This is the most effective method and the most direct method. The probability of preventing more than 90 %, and the antibody can maintain it for more than 7 years.Most people choose a single-order rubber poisoning vaccine, which is suitable for girls 1-12 years old and women with susceptible childbearing age.

3. Passive immunity

Injecting immunoconal protein is given to the sensible patient, it can passively immune or weaken the symptoms of the disease.However, because the effect is not clear, most of them do not prevent this method.However, if you are susceptible to pregnant women, have been exposed to patients and do not cooperate with the healing abortion, you must inject immunocal globulin 20-30ml in time.

Tip: How do children prevent rubella?

1. Vaccine

By receiving a rubella vaccine, the disease can be effectively prevented, and the probability of prevention can reach more than 95%.

2. Strengthen monitoring

Family, nursery, kindergarten, etc. should pay close attention to contacts. Once there are rash or fever symptoms, they must be sent to the hospital in time.In addition, during the epidemic, schools and other institutions must do a good morning inspection and suspend new students.

3. Reduce out

During the winter and spring, there is a period of high rubella, and children are easy to develop, so at this time, it is necessary to reduce the number of outburst, especially where there are many people, which can reduce the chance of infection.

4. Timely isolation

When a rubella patient is found to be isolated in time, it can generally be lifted until one week after the rash.Patients should rest in bed during the period. Food should choose to be rich in vitamins and easy to digest, such as dishes, minced meat, porridge, and so on.

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