Do you regret not getting married or not?

“”In today’s society, there are more and more men and women who are not married. If you choose to get married, most of them are because you meet the right person, then there are reasons for choosing not to marry!

I have met three unmarried women. They happened to represent people of three ages, respectively, post -60s, 70s, and post -80s!

The post -60s are the art teacher of my elementary school. She loves to dress very much in memory. Among the many teachers, she always wore the most fashionable one!Listening to the adults said that the art teacher was not a person on our side before, because when he was young, he fell in love with a woman with a woman, was scolded by the family and the criticism of the people around him., I am an art teacher in the elementary school here, and it is also settled!

It may be because people’s thoughts were relatively conservative at that time, and women who had extramarital affairs with families were too deep, which caused her to find it anymore.Or, or she still couldn’t get out of that relationship, and then accepted others. Anyway, the art teacher has been single, and she hasn’t even passed the scandal again!

Every time I go back to my hometown, I occasionally meet her, and I will find that she will hold a dog wherever she goes. Listening to others say that the cats in the art teacher’s house also have five or six. The dog is recently raised.Accompanying, after all, dogs and cats can go in and out, unlike cats are only suitable for accompanying at home!

The second post -70s woman who was not married was a former boss. When I first saw her, I felt like -this is a particularly popular woman, with a capable short hair, saySpeaking is very fast!You can use English fluently in English, French foreign languages!

At the beginning, she was not impressed by me, because I did it in the unit for five or six years at that time, but she was just a manager’s position. She was a bit distorted. She blame me to neglect at work.critisize me!

Coinciding with the school to open 3 schools, one executive principal, the big leader made a choice between me and another manager. Coincidentally, I was pregnant unexpectedly after the wedding!

Afraid of losing this opportunity to promotes this unusual promotion, I dare not let the school know that I am pregnant. Every time I was tortured by the pregnancy reaction, I could only desperately restrain myself at work.Come and live!

But later, she knew this. One day, she called me into the office and asked me if I was pregnant!I was cold in my heart and knew I couldn’t hide it anymore, but I still stunned and said that I was not sure if this child was!

I thought she would take the opportunity to ridicule me, or tell the news that the news was directly told, but she said nothing, but just sighed, and asked me in a very strange but very gentle tone.Is it? Determine to abandon this child for promotion? "

"I …." I said a word for a while!As a result, she told me a lot that afternoon, including her decision to not be married when she was young, and her French boyfriend who had been talking about for many years, but the ending was a breakup!In the end, she concluded, "If all of this can come back, even if I still choose not to marry, I will have a child of my own, but now I have missed the age of having a child!"

Looking at the tears in her eyes, I also had the urge to cry. After that conversation, I chose to give up promotion and leave my child.

Because of this incident, the relationship between me and her also changed subtle changes. She suddenly looked like a big sister. She cared for me every day.No longer urged me to ask for this!I also ordered colleagues around me to care more about me. Do not let me do it!

Until I had a whole pregnancy, I went back to give birth. I heard that I had a daughter. She was also happy to say to see me on the phone!

But before she came, I heard that her father who was dependent on her was seriously ill. She put down her job and rushed back to take care of her father.I resigned soon!Although she also had a contact with her today, every time she thought of her, she remembered that when she advised me to leave a child, her eyes were tearful. I know she should really regret it, but there is no regret medicine to find this world!

The third place to say is my classmate, and I am the post -80s. She should be the few girls who have not married so far!

The reason why she is unmarried is largely due to her somewhat fear of fear. She is not good at communication and does not like to deal with people, so that she has worked hard in the unit for more than ten years.Workers, getting married is not a matter of shadow!

A few days ago, a roommate in the bedroom just happened to go to her city on a business trip. She asked her to come out for dinner. She was unwilling to see it!It is learned from the population that her mental state is very bad. Usually, except at work, she is unwilling to see people!

I remember when I contacted her on WeChat some time ago, she told me that she sold the new house she bought and replaced it with a second -hand house near her parents, or an old community.I asked her why she changed?She came to a weak sentence, "Near her parents!"

Suddenly, she was very pitiful. She had not been in love with her. Our children were generally tall as us, but she could only rely on her increasingly older parents!

Speaking of these three women, it is a bit sour in her heart. Choosing a woman who is not married is not necessarily their most wanted choice. It must be due to some reasons that lead to the current situation!

If you say that there is something bad, you will be lonely after you are old, so you really have to be cautious when making this decision!

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