Do you remember the dream of the fetal dream before having the baby? Is the dream of the fetal dream so accurate?

There are many mysterious things in the world. People are constantly exploring and pursuing. Dreams are one of them.Our country is the earliest country to study dreams. Wang Fu said that "the dream of a bizarre strange dream has more than less and less."There is also a book "Zhou Gong Dream Interpretation", which contains the analysis of various strange dreams.Some people now dream of dreams at night. After waking up, they must not help but check it to see if it is a blessing or a disaster.Although people have already known now, people in ancient times have no scientific basis for dreams, and dreams have no ability to predict the future and analyze the ability of blessings and disasters, but people are still willing to believe in this mysterious and mysterious dream, which must be meaningful.of.

Since ancient times, there have been rumors that dreams can predict the gender of fetus, and even more mysteriously say that dreams can predict the fetal character and looks.For example, when you are pregnant, dreaming of a snake indicates that the boy is pregnant.We call this dream as a fetal dream, referring to the dream made by the pregnant mother during pregnancy, or the dream of the prospective father and other loved ones.Some mothers think that the baby dream is a feudal superstition, and there is no need to care about it. Some mothers are confirmed after the baby’s dream is born, so she is convinced of the baby dream.Mom Xiaoli said that when she was pregnant, she dreamed that she didn’t know how to come to a very beautiful forest, and then a very large python climbed over. She didn’t feel scared at the time, and even felt very cute.The python spit her core at her, and she kept touching the python’s head. Later, when she gave birth, she gave birth to a big fat boy.Mom Xiaoming said that when she was pregnant, her husband dreamed of a big cock one night, colorful, very beautiful. She gave birth to a beautiful and cute daughter during delivery. Later, they knew that her husband dreamed of Phoenix.So, let’s see what kind of forecasts of various fetal dreams circulating in the folks? Pregnant mothers see if they are not sure.

About plant dream

Dreaming of cherry heralded a beautiful daughter.

Dreaming of watermelon, or eating watermelon indicates that there may be more children, or dragon and phoenix.

Dreaming of a golden rice ears or autumn harvest scenes indicate that the son can become a person with leadership.

Dreaming of flowers bloom, or in the flowers, heralding a beautiful daughter.

Dreaming of the growth of fruit trees indicates that it will give birth to a noble son.

Dreaming of touching the eggplant, heralding a son.

Dreaming of bamboo indicates that the son will be in power in the future.

Dream about nature

Dreaming of the waves of waves, indicating that they will have a healthy son.

Dreaming of beautiful Caixia indicates that she will have a full -time daughter.

Dreaming of the popularity in the sky indicates that she will have a son with artistic talents.

Dreaming of heavy snow, heralding his son.

Dreaming of the sun is one of the most auspicious fetal dreams, indicating that the child you gave birth will definitely be out of place.

Dreaming of soil or lying on the dirt, heralding a noble son in the future.

Dreaming of beautiful riverbags indicates a good dream of her son.

Dreaming of the majestic and handsome mountain peaks, the surrounding cliffs are surrounded by the wall, indicating that they will give birth to nobles who can grow into outstanding characters.

Dream about animals

Dreaming of the dragon indicates that the birth of the son will be a big man in the future.

Dreaming of a snake indicates that it will give birth to a son.

Dreaming of pigs, foreshadowing wealth and blessings, children will definitely be more wealthy. Black pigs indicate boys, and white pigs indicate girls.

Dreaming of a tiger indicates that it will give birth to a noble son.

Dreaming of rushing horses indicates that he will have a son.

Dreaming of turtles means that the sons who are born in the future will have great power.

Dreaming of the fairy crane is a sign of Guizi.

Dreaming of being driven by wild boar drivers, one of the most auspicious fetal dreams may be very hard in dreams, but it means that they will be born in the future.

The above is only part of the analysis of many baby dreams. It is for the entertainment reference of pregnant mothers. In fact, the dream of fetal dreams is like going to the temple to ask for a visa. It is also a psychological suggestion for self, so it will also have a positive effect."Analysis of Dreams" said, "The content of dreams is due to the formation of will, and its purpose is to satisfy their wishes." Therefore, the dream of fetal dreams may be a manifestation of the wishes of pregnant mothers.Moms can discuss what kind of fetal dreams they have done during pregnancy, and what is the result?

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