Do you still eat sweets after eating?Refusing to gestational diabetes, pregnant women should do this

Looking at the colorful candy and colorful desserts, as a woman, how can a foodie who eats the temptation.Sugar is a necessary nutrition for the human body. Occasionally indulgence has no problem.But after pregnancy, you must pay attention to eating sugar for your own health.Today, let’s learn about pregnant women who eat sugar.

1. Can pregnant women eat sugar or sweets?

Pregnant women must have no problem eating sugar. If pregnant women have gestational diabetes, they must stay away from candy and desserts.Especially as cream biscuits, cakes, carbonated drinks, etc., you should eat more whole wheat food.

2. It is safe for pregnant women to eat.

In fact, there is no exact standard to say how much sugar can pregnant women eat one day.How much sugar can be eaten every day depends on human sugar metabolism and blood sugar levels.However, pregnant women should remember that eating sugar every day should not exceed 25 grams.

3. Does pregnant women have more effects on the fetus?

Yes, pregnant women’s sugar is definitely impact on fetal development.Pregnant women eat more sugar, first of all, pregnant women will increase the possibility of gestational diabetes.Excess sugar in physical energy will also affect the fetal development through blood, which can easily cause the level of fetal insulin levels to be high. The size of the baby’s body is not conducive to the delivery, and it will also cause the risk of premature birth.

4. What are the more harmful places for pregnant women?

Reduce your appetite: Eating too much sweets will increase the empty stalk, make people feel full, and do not want to eat.

Severe pregnancy vomiting: excessive sugar, resulting in increased gastric acid, burning sensation in the stomach, increased pregnancy vomiting

Insufficient nutrition: Due to the satiety caused by sugar, the dietary amount of pregnant women is greatly reduced, resulting in insufficient supplementation of other nutrients, leading to insufficient nutrition.

Increased weight: If you eat more sugar, you will definitely increase your weight during pregnancy.Excessive polysaccharides will increase the content of carbohydrates in the body, which will cause fat accumulation, body obesity, and is not good for childbirth.

In addition to the above problems, it will also cause the problem of acute fatty liver and premature eclampies.

5. How to reduce the amount of sugar during pregnancy

Eat less snacks and high sugar -containing foods: eat less sweets, especially cakes, ice cream, cakes, especially the intake of refined sugar.

Eat less sugar -containing fruits: mango, pineapple, strawberries, etc.

Do not eat artificial sweetener

Pay attention to food packaging composition tables: jam, salad sauce, breakfast oatmeal, etc. have added a lot of sugar.

How can diet prevent sugar during pregnancy?

1. Eat low sugar food

Eat some foods with less sugar, such as beans, barley, oats, and vegetables.These foods prevent blood sugar from rising.

2. Supplement probiotics

Probiotics can promote digestion and increase gastrointestinal motility.At the same time, carbohydrates and blood sugar can be adjusted.Yogurt is one of the best foods.

3. Supplement dietary fiber

For mothers who eat more sugar, be sure to eat more foods with rich dietary fiber.The soluble dietary fiber in food can improve blood sugar levels.It is best to eat more oats and bean foods.

4. Supplement protein and healthy fat

Eating some nuts, eggs, etc. contain foods with healthy fats and protein, which can effectively control blood sugar.Healthy fat can enhance your desire for sweets.

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