Do you use "pregnancy" as "cold" and take medicine, will it cause fetal malformations?

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Recently, there are so many people who are pregnant. Yesterday, I received a private message from a pregnant mother in the background: I just measured the pregnancy, but I felt that I was not mentally, soft and not spiritual, and I was afraid of cold. At that time, I thought it was a cold.Want to ask if this baby can ask, will it be deforming?

Many of the first pregnancy mothers, because of lack of pregnancy knowledge or do not understand the physical response at all, mistakenly thought that they were cold when they had low fever, lack, and fatigue of early pregnancy reactions, so they found a cold medicine at home.

In fact, doing so must achieve the treatment effect, because the pregnant mother is not really a cold at all. When the pregnant mother finds that she is pregnant, the drug has played a role, and it may have brought harm to the baby in the stomach.

At present, there is a "full or no" theory internationally, but it refers to 28 days before pregnancy, which is the first month.

If you take medicine during this time, there are two types of influence on the fetus: one is that the fetus is not affected, the development is naturally developed, and the other is that the fetus is affected and the fetal discontinuation occurs.

Let’s explain this theory in detail first:

We generally say that the "gestational week" is calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period, so the first 4 weeks of pregnancy have been combined from fertilized eggs from the next two weeks, and they are simply split.

The division of this stage is also "simple cell division", that is, one cell division into two, two split into four, and four split into eight.Differentiated "different cells", and the specific organs and tissues of the fetus have not yet begun to differentiate.

Now that the organs have not yet begun to differentiate, it will naturally not affect the organs, that is, "deformity", so there is no need to worry.This is the first case in theory, and the fetus will develop naturally and healthy.

Another situation of theory is that the fetus is "adversely affected" and abortion occurs. What is the situation?

For example, the pregnant mother took drugs with "severe toxicity" 28 days before pregnancy. When the cell division, there is a "self -correction" function.The fetus was eliminated in the early stages of pregnancy, which was stopped or miscarriage.

But this is also the normal principle of "survival of the fittest". High -quality babies will leave healthy development. Babies with poor quality will not be eliminated. Even if such babies are tires, they can generally not be kept.The probability of "problem" is also very high, but to increase the burden on the baby’s own, family and society.

The fetal baby in the early pregnancy is very fragile. Pregnant mothers should pay more attention. In addition to not taking medicine, you should also pay attention to rest. Don’t be too tired or work hard, don’t have the same room.

If the pregnancy reaction is serious, you can eat it lightly. In addition to the three main meals a day, you can eat three more meals, and you can also drink lemonade and eat soda biscuits.

There is also the most important point. Try to maintain a good mood as much as possible. Don’t think too much. Give the baby’s positive energy encouragement, so that the baby feels "because his arrival, the mother is very happy every day"!

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