Do you want to get pregnant by accident?Women need to know that there are 5 cases of people who cannot do abortion

After the second child was opened, many families put the second child on the agenda.However, there are also two families who already have two children, or some people have not been prepared to be parents, but they are unexpectedly pregnant.

Although the painless abortion is now very common, it is not possible to do this surgery.That is, it is not time to do the flow of people. For example, in some special circumstances, there is still no abortion surgery.As a woman, it is necessary to understand it.

Women need to know that there are 5 cases of people who cannot do abortion

1. When there is a gynecological disease

If you find that you want to have abortion surgery, you find that there are currently gynecological diseases. At this time, it is not recommended to have an abortion surgery immediately.For example, check vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical diseases, etc. At this time, gynecological diseases should be treated first.

At this time, if you choose an abortion surgery immediately, you will increase the chance of infection of the reproductive tract.Because when doing abortion, the palace dilatation stick, vulva, and negative pressure attractive tubes need to be inserted into the reproductive trail, which will increase the spread of inflammation.For women, it is not conducive to postoperative recovery.

2. Periodic infectious disease

If the examination is found in the period of acute infectious diseases, in this case, it cannot be performed by artificial abortion, or the acute onset of chronic infectious diseases is not possible.

Or women are in severe systemic diseases, such as heart failure, tuberculosis, and severe anemia, these conditions cannot be performed by abortion surgery.

3. acid poisoning

If there is a severe pregnancy reaction during pregnancy, severe vomiting can cause a series of symptoms of acid poisoning in the body, and abortion surgery cannot be performed in time.It must be treated after the treatment can be corrected before surgery.

4. Pregnant women’s temperature is too high

Before deciding to perform abortion surgery, doctors will ask for a series of examinations and pre -surgery accuracy. If the body temperature increases by more than 37.5 degrees, there cannot be abortion surgery immediately.

5. The pregnancy time is too short

When the pregnancy time is still short, because the changes in the uterus are not obvious at this time, and there may be misdiagnosis.Only when the fluffy gonad hormones are detected.

And at the beginning, because the embryonic development was too small, premature miscarriage was prone to air -absorbing or leakage, resulting in abortion incompleteness and causing miscarriage failure.

The best time for abortion surgery

At 35-55 days of pregnancy, it is the best time for people.At this time, the size of the gestational sac is just right. The B -ultrasound can be clearly reflected, and the carcass has not yet been completed. It can be performed without expanding the palace body. This time is also less harmful to women.

At this time, the women’s uterine wall is still relatively thick. Although the uterus has changed to a certain amount, the change is not very great. At this time, the end of pregnancy is relatively safer and the postoperative recovery is relatively fast.

If you have been pregnant for more than 70 days, at this time, the fetal sac has been formed, and the uterus has become much larger. At this time, the damage to the human body for abortion surgery is also large, because the abortion of expansion must be used.big.

Of course, less than 30 days of pregnancy, because the embryo is too small, it is not advisable to perform surgery.Because at this time, it is prone to miscarriage or miscarriage failure.

In this case, a secondary clearance surgery must be performed, which is equivalent to once again.So to grasp the time of miscarriage.

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