Doctor: You can’t be a disease!Adhering to work during pregnancy, there are six major benefits to fetuses and pregnant women

Sugar mother has a girlfriend Xiao Yu. Since she is pregnant, she has a good care of her, both her husband and her mother -in -law, and try not to let Xiaoyu be tired, but Xiaoyu can not be idle at all.At work, if you stay at home all day, you will inevitably think about it.So her mother -in -law was not assured. When she went to check with Xiao Yu a few days ago, she asked her doctor who usually had a birth check -in. The doctor joked that why could she not go to work?Pregnancy is a normal physiological process of women. It cannot be raised as a "disease". If the expectant mother’s physical fitness is good, there is no need to change the original life status, including at work, as long as you pay attention to some small links at work, don’t be too tired, but let go to work will work to work.The prospective mother is in a happy mood and has many benefits.After listening to the doctor’s words, Xiao Yu’s mother -in -law did not interfere with Xiao Yu’s work anymore.

Can you go to work after pregnancy?In fact, as long as the baby’s development is stable, the physical condition of the pregnant mother is allowed, and it is still good to adhere to work during pregnancy:

Benefit 1: Sleep, it will become regular

Many expectant mothers like to stay up late before pregnancy. After pregnancy, I still do not pay attention to changing this bad habit. I often stay up late, which will not only reduce the immunity of the pregnant mother, but also hurt the fetus.However, the regular work of work is different. Pregnant mothers can sleep on time every day without staying up late, which is very beneficial to the growth and development of the fetus. This is more regular compared to the night owl life before pregnancy.

Benefit 2: Gazy days, a more pleasant mood

An October is a long process, which is very difficult for pregnant mothers. If you stay at home every day and do not have the motivation to go out to work, people will become more lazy and emotional.If you insist on work during pregnancy, you will have a lot of life every day. You can also communicate with colleagues when you are busy, and learn more about pregnancy and parenting experience. You will not feel lonely. This will make the pregnant mother’s mood and physical condition better.

Benefit 3: Reduce constipation

Some pregnant mothers raise their tires at home, for fear that the activity will hurt the fetal gas, and the special "care" of the family often reduces the activity.The decline leads to the surge in weight and constipation, which can severely cause intestinal obstruction and premature birth.However, when pregnant mothers go to work, the amount of activity will increase, thereby promoting blood circulation, helping intestinal motility, and conducive to preventing constipation.

Benefit 4: Prevent weight growth, and childbirth is smoother

Many pregnant mothers who are at home are eating and sleeping every day because they do not have a job, which will eventually lead to a shape, which is also not conducive to fetal development and childbirth.If you persist in work during pregnancy, you can not only increase your physical strength and make your muscles elastic, but also prevent the weight of the pregnant mother from growing too fast, help to smooth the delivery, shorten the output, and reduce the chance of production.The tolerance for producing pain will also be relatively strong.

Benefit 5: Help the fetal brain development

Many expectant mothers are often easy to get laziness after pregnancy. They do n’t want to do anything. They do n’t want to think about it. They do n’t know that this is a taboo of prenatal education, which is extremely unfavorable to the fetal brain development.If the pregnant mother insists on going to work, she will be good at thinking, actively aggressive at work, so that the fetus in the belly is constantly stimulated, promoting the development of brain nerves and cells, and the baby will be very smart after birth.

Benefits 6: Help home to share economic pressure

With the development of modern life, social pressure becomes great. If the expectant mother is in good health after pregnancy, if you continue to workWet wet and other expenses are planned.

▲ Don’t forget before giving birth.For the health of yourself and the baby, no matter how busy with the pregnant mother, he also has to go to the hospital for prenatal examination.There are abnormal pregnant mothers to increase the number of prenatal examinations.

▲ Proper rest.After working for a period of time, do the stretching exercise appropriately. After sitting for a long time, you must walk more. After standing for a long time, you must lift your legs to reduce the edema of the leg.

▲ Pay attention to radiation protection.The workplace is inseparable from computer mobile phones. Pregnant mothers wear radiation protection clothing, which has a good shielding effect.

▲ In terms of clothing.Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and loose clothes to use cosmetics with caution.

▲ Finally, remind pregnant mothers to pay attention to safety on the way to get off work, and do not go to a crowded place for people, especially in summer, pay attention to heatstroke prevention.

Let’s talk about expectant mothers, do you go to work or at home after pregnancy?


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