Doctor reminds: Pay attention to 3 signals of "Baby Pig" and welcome "good pregnancy" on time!

Women’s ovulation days are generally 14 days before menstruation. The first 5 days and 4 days of the day of the day are added to the ovulation period of women. This time is the susceptible pregnancy of women.Women who are preparing to get pregnant will plan to "sprint" with their husbands during this time, and women who do not have a pregnancy plan will try to avoid the same room.But for women with inaccurate menstruation, it is difficult to calculate the ovulation period. So what are the obvious performances during ovulation during ovulation?

Many women do not perform particularly obvious during ovulation, but if you have careful attention to observation, these changes will generally be found:

1. Change of body temperature: Before and after ovulation, the body temperature of our body will go through a significant comparison between low temperature and high temperature period.From the beginning of ovulation to the next menstruation (about two weeks), the body temperature will generally increase by about 0.5 ° C; while the menstrual tide until the next ovulation, the basic temperature will enter the low temperature period, often below 36, often lower than 36℃.

2. Vartice change: vaginal discharge is a woman’s vaginal discharge, which has a lot to do with estrogen.When the ovulation period of the women’s ovulation, the secretion of leucorrhea will increase, and at the same time, it will be brushed, and the texture is thin, like an egg white.In this case, leucorrhea will be more likely to make sperm pass, and the chance of conception will increase.

3. Increased physiological needs: During the ovulation of women, the level of estrogen secretion has increased, so it will be stronger than usual.And because of the changes in hormones, the symptoms may be accompanied by breast pain, etc. These are normal.

In addition, some women may have decreased appetite, decreased resistance or minor back pain, lower abdomen pain during ovulation during ovulation, and generally can be relieved for 2-3 days.At this time, the amount of bleeding is relatively small, or the secretions that are only manifested as brown are usually stopped in 2-3 days.However, if women have long -term ovulation bleeding, it may have an impact on pregnancy. It is recommended to go to the hospital for treatment.

Many women now understand the symptoms of these ovulation periods, observe their secretions, measure body temperature, and even use ovulation test strips to determine the ovulation period every day.However, everyone often finds the truth, "If you have the intention to plant flowers, you can’t open the flowers, you don’t have the intention to insert the willows and willows". Those who have accurately accurately met the same room during the ovulation period and did not succeed. In the non -ovulation period, some people even "rushed into the red light" during menstruation during menstruation.You can also get pregnant.So why is this?

First of all, it is difficult to really calculate the ovulation time.Even women with very accurate menstrual periods sometimes delayed the menstrual cycle due to the climate, diet, and emotional factors, or an additional ovulation.It is unreasonable for contraception in the safety period.

As for the situation of the same room during menstrual period, it is not possible to get pregnant. However, it is not impossible; because men’s sperm can survive in women’s body for three to four days, some women have irregular menstruation, and may be when menstruation is about to end.It was ovulation again, or the non -menstrual vaginal bleeding was mistaken for menstruation. In fact, ovulation had been ovulated and in the same room. In this way, there were also situations of pregnancy.However, female friends must cherish their bodies at any time. Do not have sexual relationships during menstrual periods and vaginal bleeding or inflammation.

Finally, it is recommended that some pregnant women here, in fact, pay attention to supplementing sufficient folic acid and comprehensive balanced nutrition during pregnancy. Pay attention to exercise rest and do not get sick.Under the premise of physical health, there is no need to deliberately calculate the ovulation period, otherwise it will increase the psychological burden and affect the success rate.If it is a woman with scarcity and scarce ovulation, it is also recommended to go to the hospital for treatment to monitor ovulation, which can improve the success rate more scientifically and accurately.

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