Documentary: 15 -year -old girl was sexually assaulted by her biological father, and was sent to prison but was cursed by relatives.

The 15 -year -old girl was insulted by her father, but after informed her mother, but the other party was said: Your dad said that you are seducing him!

What kind of father can do things like a 15 -year -old daughter? When the daughter asked her father to Fa Fa, why was it scolded by relatives? What kind of family is this?

All of this starts from 27 years ago.It didn’t take long for the girl to be born after birth at that time, and the father left them to go to Shenzhen to do medical. Because the man looked down on his wife with a low level of cultural level from beginning to end, the two resolutely married when the daughter was 4 years old, and she followed her mother.Living together, because the mother’s income is very low, girls often hear that her mother calls her father while calling for tuition and living expenses.In 2009, the girl was admitted to a three universities. The title of the Gold List was originally a good thing, but at this time, no one would think that it would be the beginning of her nightmare.Because her mother couldn’t get tuition and living expenses, she asked her to go to Shenzhen to find her father for money.

On the train, the girl was nervous and excited. She hoped to feel the long -lost father’s love in this meeting with her father.But what happened or wishes, no one would think that under the affectionate face of his father, there was a devil’s heart hidden, and this journey of Shenzhen was the beginning of her fell into her father’s claws.

After seeing his father, he first used the boat and car to do an excuse to persuade his daughter to rest for a while.So the girl was lying on her father’s bed in Qiu Yi.The 15 -year -old girl has developed quietly, and her chest bulge also shows that she is no longer a child.Sleeping was confused, she felt a little painful in her chest. She opened her eyes and looked at her father.At the age of fifteen, she was stunned for an instant and didn’t know what to do, and the father of the human face continued his evil deeds when he saw that his daughter didn’t respond too much.

After the father left, the girl was afraid to call her mother. She knew that this was wrong, but she didn’t know what to do.The mother on the phone seemed to be busy working, and when she heard her daughter’s voice, she was irritable.

The girl’s head was buzzing. She didn’t know what she should do next, but there was a help object.But the suffering was not over. After that, the father had to force her to wash her underwear. When she found that the girl’s secretion was abnormal, she told her to have gynecological inflammation, so as to use the medicine as an excuse to molest her daughter.She called her mother again, but she still did not get her attention and vigilance.

That’s it, the disgusting "plug" behavior lasted for three weeks.She repeatedly resisted and had no fruit. Under the pain and despair, she wanted to jump off the building to end her life, so she cried and called her mother. This time, the mother finally called the police. But when the girl walked down the balcony, the mother revoked again.

When he returned to his hometown, his mother took the initiative to tell her that your dad said that you always shake your legs and seduce him.This sentence completely pulled the girl into the abyss, and she finally understood that her mother couldn’t help it.As long as Tang Moutao and their daughters stay together, they will try to implement obscenity behavior.

The 15 -year -old girl was sexually assaulted by her biological father many times. After escaping, she told her uncle that the answer she got made her completely desperate.

Finally, one time, his father tried to sexually assaulted her, and after resisting, he was beaten by anger, so he fled to the third uncle’s house in Shenzhen overnight. When Tang Xiaotian told the trusted uncle who told everything, he was told that it was ugly.After receiving her for a week, she sent home.

When she was eighteen years old, her father finally remarried. The girl thought that she could end for so many years of insult, but the father still did not stop the violation of herself.Even during his wife’s pregnancy, he still brainwashed his daughter to have a relationship with him.

One month before graduating from college, she was admitted to a graduate student, but tuition was a very important issue.There was no way she called again and asked the third uncle to ask for money again, but the other party was angry that she had no responsibility and obligation.With no way, you can only go to Shenzhen to find a father.This time she failed to escape the magic claws, and her father raped her in the small bed of relatives’ sons.

After returning to his hometown, the desperate girl began to consciously refuse to answer his father’s call.This completely annoyed Tang Moutao, so he began to control spiritual control, and from time to time, he transmitted the concepts such as "You are abandoned", "No one likes you", "you are burdens".The daughter is in control.

The remarried wife gave birth to a baby girl after childbirth. The man took a photo to send it to the girl. He also deliberately emphasized how beautiful and good the younger sister, unlike the sister who was abandoned.This incident defeated the girl again.She knew that she couldn’t sit and wait for it anymore, and escaped her father’s claw as soon as possible.

After graduate students enrolled, the girl began to save money consciously, and finally achieved economic independence by tutoring.At this time, his father failed to do business, and he ran to his daughter’s school to ask the girl to live with him for a few days.The strong girl resolutely decided to blacken all the contact information of her father, and since then the exchanges were cut off.

But leaving did not let her go out of the haze completely. Soon after, the girl was diagnosed with depression. Looking at the large and small pills in front of her, she collapsed again. The despair rising in her heart made her escape from the land.

So she went to work in Africa, where he not only cured the pain in her heart, but also met her boyfriend who gave her courage and encouragement.With the support of friends and lover, the girl made a decision to send her father into firm.

It is difficult to implement a simple sentence, because many years have passed since she suffered sexual assault, and the evidence at that time no longer exists. There is no evidence that the bad guys cannot be rope.As a result, the girl’s attorney came up with an idea that asked her to meet with her father. If the other party could admit that he committed the crime, the evidence would be available.Without a little hesitation, the girl agreed. Nine years have passed, and she must find justice for her younger herself.

In the square garden of Shenzhen Station, the girl saw the father who was dressed. The content of the conversation almost did not need her guidance.He tirelessly said that Dad’s favorite is you.The girl glanced at him coldly and got up and left.

The 15 -year -old girl was sexually assaulted by her biological father. When she grew up, she had the courage to sue him to court. What is the ending?

In December 2022, Zhengzhou Public Security Bureau’s Zhengdong New District Branch officially accepted the appalling case of rape daughter.Sitting in the police station, my mother heard this recording for the first time. In the face of the iron theory of the evidence, she cried and red eyes, and regretted her ignorance and stupidity. Before, the ex -husband always felt that the husband was a daughter’s biological father.As for doing such a beast.Facing her mother’s regret, the girl did not comfort her, but just turned her head to look elsewhere.The little girl may still look forward to her mother’s help, but she didn’t wait. The girl now has grown up, and the powerful wings can protect herself.

Immediately, the Public Security Bureau officially filed a case and issued a criminal summon notice to the father of the beast.What made her unexpected was that as soon as the news came out, the phone kept a sound, and relatives kept calling to send text messages, scolding her as a white -eyed wolf.Especially the uncle who is extremely faithful, in the memory of the few girls, he is the only relative who cares about himself. The girl even gives her father -like emotions.But in the face of his brother’s sexual assault, he performed very unreasonable.Not only did I curse her for 5 hours with various swear words on WeChat, such as "Poor people must have hate, your biggest mistake is that you should not have you", "Your end will be the same as your mother", "Saying everywhere, saying everywhere", "Saying everywhere everywhere"I was raped by herself, or I want to be shameful, and I satirized her shameless tuition for her poor tuition.He even threatened that even if his elder brother killed someone, he would ask a lawyer.The girl felt a deep sense of powerlessness and scolding of the uncle.

In order to seek the understanding of her peers, she sent WeChat to the cousin studying abroad, but she declared in the circle of friends throughout the day, but she blamed girls to harass them everywhere, bringing psychological pressure to everyone.She also ridiculed her to be very happy.

The dislike of her loved ones made her feel painful. She looked at her friends puzzled. Is she really wrong?Friends and agent lawyers shook her head and encouraged her to continue her justice for herself.

In fact, she also knew why relatives were so angry because they touched their interests.There is a rapist brother who will make them embarrassed and break the shell of their bright life. Once the father is in prison, there are two young children in the family who need to raise it and will bring them a burden.It’s not that they don’t understand, but choose to keep themselves.

The half -life bumpy girl was unfortunate, but she was lucky at the same time.The relatives’ blindness and the silence of her mother had caught her into the abyss and could not extricate herself.But in the end she was redeemed, and that person was silently supporting and encouraging her boyfriend.She confessed that she had mentioned the unbearable past with her boyfriend countless times, but the boy just listened silently every time. After her emotions were stable, she told the girl that this was not her fault.pain.Even when he returned to China to report the case, his boyfriend was always accompanied. He had no complaints after he was busy.In May of this year, they got married in Africa. So far, the girl with injuries from the soul finally defeated themselves and completed the butterfly change.

In May of the same year, the prosecutor announced that the girl’s father had "confession" and also confessed the other two cases of "rape attempts". The prosecutor suggested that for 7 years.The girl was not convinced, and made an appeal and wrote that as the victim, she was willing to give up all the civil compensation that could be fully obtained. The only requirement was to strictly punish them.On November 7th, the court sentenced the defendant to the defendant for twelve years and six months on the crime of rape and forced obscenity.

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