Does the mood during pregnancy really affect the fetus?How to control emotions?

1. Why is it mood during pregnancy?

Periations and estrogen are female hormones that regulate reproductive periods, and they are considered part of the cause of your mood during pregnancy.But most of the mood fluctuations during pregnancy are just because pregnancy is a huge period of change.You may be ecstatic one day because you think of your baby, and then you will immediately start to worry about your future.

Even if the baby is in warm expectations, for many ecstatic expectant mothers, concerns about future concerns will still dilute their happiness from time to time.You may worry about whether the relationship between husband and wife will be affected, whether the baby is healthy, and the economic problems that your baby will face after having your baby.Some small problems during pregnancy, such as burning heart, fatigue, and frequent urination may bring you a psychological burden.All these concerns will make your mood undulating during pregnancy.

How does emotional changes during pregnancy affect the fetus?

If the mood of pregnant women is too nervous for a long time, such as anger, fear, pain, scare, anxiety or severe stimuli, it will cause adverse effects on the fetal hill brain, resulting in a high chance of suffering from mental illness in the future.Even if it can be spared, low weight children often occur, such babies are moving, emotional, easy to cry, digestive disorders, and high incidence.

In addition, the excessive uneasiness of the mood of pregnant women in the early pregnancy can lead to poor embryo development, cause abortion, and cause malformations such as lip lip and palate.In the middle and late stages of pregnancy, the fetal heart rate will increase or slow, and the fetal movement will increase, resulting in low body weight, heart defects, and physical dysfunction of the fetus; it can also cause difficulty in giving birth and placenta, uterine bleeding, and even the fetus death.

According to reports, the children born in mothers who have been in emotional anxiety for a long time are often restless, cry, and do not like to sleep. Such children are often difficult to adapt to the environment when they grow up.Therefore, after the sisters during pregnancy, pay attention to adjusting their emotions, and have a good birth of the fetus in the abdomen ~~

3. When is the easiest emotional fluctuation?

Emotional fluctuations during pregnancy are most likely to occur in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.If you are also in a bad mood in the early stages of pregnancy, you don’t have to worry, you are not alone, many pregnant women are the same as you.After you clarify your mind and adapt to changes in hormone levels, emotional fluctuations will gradually decrease.

4. Five small methods of decompression during pregnancy

【Reton the time】

It is simple to say, but sometimes it is not easy to make time!Even so, you still have to leave a little more rest for yourself.You know, it is not only good for you to rest during pregnancy, but it is also crucial to your baby.Therefore, you don’t have to feel guilty about your "nothing to do".

[Speak your worries]

If you worry about whether your baby is healthy, or whether he can be born smoothly, don’t be nervous, this is by no means just a matter of worrying.Almost all expectant mothers have such concerns before their baby is born.You can talk to your worries with your husband, mother or friends who already have children, and ask them to solve you.In addition, in the prenatal training class, those expectant mothers who are similar to your due date will definitely be happy to share your various concerns.In addition, doctors and prenatal training teachers will help you relax.

[Reduce the road to get off work]

Like many expectant mothers, you may plan to take leave until the first few days before the due date, so that after the child is born, you can have a longer time to rest and leave to bring your child.However, with the baby’s daily rush with the office workers, it is one of the main reasons that lead to many expectant mothers’ nervousness and anxiety.The more pregnancy, the worse the situation.Therefore, it is recommended to leave maternity leave early in the third trimester ~~

【Pay attention to diet】

You should eat more foods that help calm your mood to suppress hormones that cause stress.Vitamin B, such as whole wheat bread, brown rice, oatmeal, etc., will help improve the level of anti -pressure hormones in your body.

【be good to yourself】

Laughing is one of the best ways to relax your body and eliminate tension. Therefore, go to the cinema to watch a funny movie, or simply meet with friends and relatives at home, and make yourself laugh and laugh!

During the weekend, the husband found a clean place together and enjoy the time of the two.Or, go to the beauty salon to relax completely.

Fifth, the four -way decompression method that needs to be persisted

[First trick: prenatal yoga exercises]

Pregnant yoga exercises can not only work out, so that expectant mothers have better physical bodies to bred the baby in the belly. Moreover, the relaxation skills of yoga are very good for you during pregnancy, and it will be used when you have a baby.If you are prone to nervousness, or have been troubled by anxiety, practicing breathing skills will be good for you.However, don’t forget to consult your obstetrician before starting any exercise.

[Second trick: Massage relaxation]

Massage during pregnancy is an effective way to eliminate tension. Recently, it is very popular in Western countries.There are also many books about massage during pregnancy in major bookstores in China. Introduce some skills and suggestions to help you relax through massage.

Reminder: If you are using essential oils or other aromatics, you must be sure that this product is safe during pregnancy.Because the expectant mothers and babies are more sensitive in the first three months and the next 3 months of pregnancy, some aromatic products should not be used in these times.Generally speaking, after 20 weeks of pregnancy, you can use smoked grass oil (except for individual varieties), lemon oil and Yilan fragrant essential oil, but you must strictly check whether the product is qualified. Remember to consult relevant experts when you are not sure.

[Third trick: psychological regulation method]

You can try to use some self -psychological adjustments to regulate your emotions.For example, meditation and positive imagination are beneficial to relieve stress.

You can also find some related books in the bookstore or library to guide yourself how to use such psychological adjustment to relax yourself.You can also buy some relaxed music to listen to it. Beautiful music is always a good dose to exclude you thoughts and peace of mind.

[Fourth trick: exercise]

Studies have shown that exercise can also help relieve your pressure during pregnancy.As long as you ensure safety, you should stick to your daily exercise before pregnancy.If you have any questions about exercise or amount of exercise, please consult your doctor in time.If you participate in the fitness class, you must tell you the fitness coach you are pregnant.

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