Does the pelvic effusion affect pregnancy?

How many girls "collapsed" at the door of the clinic after seeing the pelvic effusion on the B -ultrasound, and how many girls obviously had no symptoms, but because the pelvic effusion was taken for half a yearSponsor?

It is said that the sisters who are preparing for pregnancy are glass hearts, what is the ghost of this pelvic effusion and affect pregnancy?Don’t be afraid!Today, I will support the sisters to the sisters. Let’s take a look at what this scary "pelvic effusion" is?

What is the pelvic effusion?Pelvis Effusion is a manifestation rather than a disease. To be precise, it is a description of the pelvic liquid in the pelvic cavity.It can be divided into two types: physiological pelvic effusion and pathological pelvic effusion.Physiological pelvic effusion physiological pelvic effusion refers to the normal pelvic effusion, because the pelvis and abdominal cavity of the human body are not a "land" of dryness. Usually peritoneum, large omentum, intestinal tube, etc. will secrete some liquids. These liquids.It usually plays the role of lubricating and protecting the abdominal organs and tissues of the basin.When the pelvic cavity is standing, the body is relatively low, so these secreted liquids will accumulate in the pelvic cavity to be seen by B -ultrasound.

In addition, after the ovulation period of the female ovulation, or a few days when the menstrual period and the menstrual period have just ended, because of the discharge of follicles, a small amount of pelvic effusion is also easy to find.Therefore, if the depth of the effusion is <3cm, there is no other uncomfortable symptoms under the B -ultrasound, and it usually does not need to be treated.

Pathological pelvic effusion pelvic effusion is usually a pelvic effusion with obvious clinical symptoms. The common causes are:

1. Pelvic inflammation

The cause of pelvic inflammation may be due to disapproval of hygiene during menstruation; inflammation of adjacent organs spread; postpartum and post -abortion infection; infection caused by gynecological surgery.

2. Ectopic pregnancy

After ectopic pregnancy is developed at a certain stage, due to the particularity of the embryo growth site, there will be risk of bleeding, so the pelvic cavity may gather blood and form a effusion.

3. Ovarian cyst rupture

This mainly refers to: ovarian luteal bleeding, ovarian cyst rupture, etc.What are the performance of pathological pelvic effusion?1. Slip feeling, pain in the lower abdomen and lumbosacral part

The main symptoms are the feeling of falling, pain on the lower abdomen, or pain on both sides, scar adhesion and pelvic congestion formed by chronic inflammation, causing lower abdomen swelling, pain and pain in the lumbosacral region.It is often more serious after tiredness, sexual intercourse, and menstruation.

2. Decrease in resistance

The symptoms of the pelvic effusion are not obvious, and sometimes there can be low heat and weakness.For those with a relatively long course of disease, some patients may have symptoms of neurasthenia, such as mental weakness, upset, insomnia, etc.

3. Menstrual disorders

Patients with pelvic blood stasis may increase menstruation; when ovarian functional damage, menstruation may have menstrual disorders; when tubal adhesion and obstruction can cause women infertility.

The pathological pelvic effusion is relatively harmful. Once women find or highly suspect that they are abnormal pelvic effusion, they should go to the hospital in time to treat them with symptomatic treatment to avoid delaying people.

Daily care

1. Hygiene note: Women should pay special attention to personal hygiene during menstruation and postpartum.Daily need to clean the vagina with warm water, wear cotton underwear, and replace the cotton.

2. Do not abuse drugs: Drugs need to be used under the guidance of a doctor. If antibiotics are abused, they will accumulate a large amount of hormones in women to cause the lesions and cause pelvic effusion.

3. Cleaning of intercourse: Before and after the intercourse, both parties should clean the reproductive parts to avoid brought bacteria and cause infection.

4. Vaginal rinse: Learn the correct vaginal cleaning method. It is not recommended to use medicinal cleaning solution on weekdays to avoid destroying the pH environment of the vagina and reducing local immunity, but it will cause vaginitis.It is generally the best choice with clean warm water.

Therefore, friends who want the baby should pay more attention to the health of the body. If you are healthy, your baby will not be afraid to come to his parents!

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