Dogs are actually very particular about eating fruits, especially these 7 types. No matter how do you think, you can’t touch it.

I believe that when everyone raises dogs, they will feed it some fruits. There are many benefits to eating fruits for dogs, but many fruits are "not friendly" to dogs, especially the following one.7 kinds of fruits, it is recommended not to give dogs!

This fruit of pineapple is relatively allergic. Dogs eating pineapple may cause allergies. It turns out that most dogs eat pineapple easily. When severe, it will cause dehydration and cause danger to the dog’s life.

So for the health of the dog, the owner must be careful to feed it!

If your dog has a poor constitution, and you usually have no fruit, then it is recommended that you do not feed it mulberry. The dogs who eat mulberry for the first time may have allergies or physical discomfort.

And mulberry contains tannic acid, this substance will inhibit the absorption of calcium, iron, zinc and other elements!

If you are a qualified shoveling officer, then you must know that dogs cannot eat grapes. Dogs eating grapes will cause serious harm and may shock.

No matter how much your dogs want grapes or raisins, you can’t eat it!

There are also dogs that can not eat longan. The physiological structure of humans and animals is very different, especially the regulating function of the brain structure and brain. The number of liver and kidney enzymes is large.

These determine that food has a different role in human and animals, and even the opposite!

If you like to eat hawthorn, I suggest you not eat too much for your dog, because eating too much hawthorn can cause gastric acid, and for some dogs with poor stomachs, you can also cause diarrhea.

The owner must pay attention to the fruits. Do not feed or feed too much!

I believe that many pet owners like to eat persimmons, but the owner should try not to eat persimmons as much as possible, because after many dogs eat persimmons, they will be diluted and vomiting.

Dogs with severe problems can also cause gastrointestinal disease!

I believe that avocado is very familiar with, but do you know that avocado cannot be eaten for dogs, because avocado can cause problems such as damage to the dog’s myocardium, gastrointestinal discomfort, dyspnea, and chest water.

However, the processed butter dog food can still be eaten for dogs!

Orange: Orange is rich in vitamin C, which can supplement physical strength and help dog digestion.

Watermelon: Watermelon can replenish water. If your dog does not like to drink water, you can give it some fruits.

Apple: Apple is one of the most common fruits we eat. People eat fruit is very helpful, and it is the same for dogs, which helps it to eliminate toxins in the body.

Banana: If your dog often constipates, it is recommended to give it some bananas, because bananas can help the dog’s intestinal movement and make the stool more smooth.

Grapefruit: Grapefruit is also the same as orange to supplement vitamin C and replenish physical strength.

Papaya: Dogs to eat papaya can alleviate indigestion, can also alleviate and treat some common diseases, and enhance the body’s resistance and immunity.

Conclusion: What fruit do you like to eat?

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