Don’t bring rhythm on the Internet. The ice cream girl is right. Some people think that Chinese people can’t afford ice cream

In the MINI ice cream incident of the Shanghai BMW Motor Show, the two girls did not make mistakes!

Netizens’ scolding, but they have lost their jobs. Netizens who have scolded them online should apologize to those two girls. The Internet is not a place of law. Do not bring dissatisfaction with life to the Internet to vent on the Internet to vent.Essence

Many netizens see the so -called ice cream girls, Chong Yangmei, only freely distributed for foreigners, but it does not post videos to the Chinese. Most of them have no original sounds.

I found a video with original sounds on the Internet. After watching it, I came to a conclusion that the two girls did not make mistakes. They just follow the company’s regulations and do not rule out that someone was intentionally bringing the rhythm.

Please look at the figure below carefully and carefully:

Among this party’s voice and video, the two girls explained that why the person who filmed the video could not receive the free ice cream, but foreigners could.

Consumers want to receive ice cream coupons for free. There is a prerequisite that you need to download the app to receive ice cream coupons.

The person who shoots the video obviously has no so -called ice cream coupons (the two girls have been explaining to him, the white font on the picture is the original words of the girl, and the yellow font is the monologue of others in the heart).

Some friends may have a question, that is why foreigners can not use ice cream coupons, but they can receive it, but Chinese people can’t do it!

There are two explanations here, one is these foreigners, as BMW calls their internal employees, they have a brand card, and they can receive free ice cream with their brands.

Another explanation is that foreigners are overseas IDs. They can not register for domestic APP software.

I personally speculate that the second possibility is greater. Some businesses in China ask users to download the app to give gifts for free. Many people are used to it, but they are different in foreign countries.Heavier.

Therefore, in order to avoid misunderstandings caused by different national conditions, it is given to two girls. Foreigners do not need to download apps to receive. There are many Chinese people, foreigners and fewer people, and they can not receive much. Therefore, there is no so -called ice cream.Bond.

At the end of the video, some people also claimed that they had ice cream coupons, so he could get free ice cream, which proved that these two girls did not do anything wrong, they just did it as required.

Judging from the response from BMW in the following, the two girls did not lie!

If you want to get free ice cream, you really need to download the MINI APP to get ice cream.

Conclusion: No enterprise will be so generous, unlimited gifts to consumers, ice cream coupons need to download the app to obtain. Foreigners belong to overseas testimony and cannot download the app, so there is no way to receive ice cream coupons, they can use ice creamBonds can also receive ice cream.

This incident is a problem with the organizer of the event. Two young girls are just done in accordance with the above regulations. The hat of Chongyang Meimei should not be buckled on them.

And some unknown netizens, maliciously scolding the two girls on the Internet, which led the two girls to lose their jobs.

According to the latest response from BMW MINI, these two women are just temporary workers, not the official employees of their company.

This incident not only went on a hot search in the country, but also reported on some overseas media.

Some foreigners have also shot small videos and teased with the old stalk: "Good morning China, I have ice cream."

They are laughing at the Chinese people who can’t afford ice cream and cannot receive free ice cream.

Some netizens saw the ridicule of these foreigners, and worried that there would be a topic for those "famous mouths" in Taiwan?The mainland has never eaten ice cream.

Netizens’ concerns are not unreasonable, and some media in Taiwan are also reporting.

Two "temporary workers" are on the booth of BMW. They can receive ice cream coupons for free (overseas users are not in this case) according to requirements.

Netizens should stop online storms on them. As one of the girls respond, they are just ordinary workers. Who can the ice cream send it to anyone?

This incident is wrong in the organizer of the event. Their regulations allow foreigners to be treated particularly instead of the parties. On the two girls, persimmons should not only be softened, and who’s fault should be a pot.

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