Don’t conceal you, these things, dog dreams want to tell you!

Have you ever thought that if the dog can speak, what secrets will I tell i?You can say, these things below, dog dreams want to tell you!

1. Everyone says that I am color blindness, but it is not exactly. The world I see is not only black and white, and I am more sensitive to yellow and blue. If you buy me yellow and blue toys, I amWill be super happy!

2. I really thank you for choosing me in a pile of puppies. I’m really lucky to be your baby ~

3. When I first arrived home, I was really scared. I was unfamiliar with the environment. I didn’t deliberately urinate at home. Master, you can urinate in my cage, so don’t worry about it ~

4. Actually, my memory is not very good. If I make a mistake, it is best to correct me in time, please do not correct it in the past, because I can’t remember what you are saying, and you will feel that you intentionally find me to find me.Stubble.

5. I can’t go out to play by myself, and there are no other friends. The owner is my only one. If you can, can you take the time to accompany me?

6. Don’t always feel that I am dirty. The puppy does not need to take so many baths. In this way, my skin protective film will be destroyed, I will be itchy, and it is easy to get skin diseases.

7. Do you not change it at will if you set up the rules?Otherwise, what I can do today can’t be done tomorrow, I will not understand.

8. When I rub my butt on the ground, don’t think I am funny. Maybe I have been infected with parasites or anal glands blocking. I need to repel me with deworming and squeeze the anal glands.

How long does the dog drive a worm?

If it is a dog that has not been three months old, the deworming internal and external deworming needs to be done once a month. Dogs that have been more than three months old, in vitro dewravation is still once a month, only once every three months in the body, only once every three months.That’s fine.

9. Do you do n’t scold me every time I make a mistake?I will feel very scared. As long as the host patiently educates, with some snack training, I can understand, and next time I will not commit it anymore.

10. Don’t just give me one kind of food. It’s really easy to get tired, and it is easy to be malnourished for a long time. Other friends will laugh at me. If I can still eat a lot of meatIntersection

PS: The diet of the shovel officers should give the dog a more balanced diet. It is best to choose a dog food with high meat content and rich nutrition. In mat with meat and fruits and vegetables, the dogs will grow strong.Intersection

11. Finally, no matter where I am, or not with the shovel officer, I will always remember the loved you, my dear master.

Conclusion: What do you want to say to your dog?

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