Don’t eat bitter gourd in summer!These 4 kinds of melons are all treasures, both spleen, clear heat and laxative

All kinds of fresh melon fruits are listed in summer. What melons do uncle and aunts like to eat?

Chinese medicine believes that everything can be used for medicine. Do you know which melons are homologous for medicine and food. Do you have a good health effect?

Today, Director Wang Fengyun of the Department of Spleen and Stomach Hospital of China College of Traditional Chinese Medicine will introduce us 4 kinds of melons, which has the effects of strengthening spleen, clearing heat and clearing thirst, and laxative!




Earth melon, that is, sweet potato, usually grows in the south, with red and white.

"Southern Yunnan Materia Medica" records that "red soil melon enters the spleen and stomach sutras, and white people enter the lungs."

Director Wang told us that soil melon can not only promote digestive fluid secretion, but also promote gastrointestinal motility.

Sweet potatoes have cold, braised, stir -fried, etc., which are slightly sweet and crispy.

Let’s try it, make a crispy and refreshing summer dish with sweet potatoes!


Spleen Gourd -Pumpkin

The whole body is treasure

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the spleen and stomach is responsible for the subtle and subtle.

The function of the spleen and stomach affects other organs. Only the spleen and stomach function is good, can other organs be supported.

1. The situation of damage to the spleen and yang in life

There are many crowds of spleen deficiency in life. At the beginning, it was the body deficiency, and then it could develop into a heavier spleen and yang deficiency.

Director Wang reminded that often using heat -clearing and detoxifying and diarrhea drugs can easily lead to cold spleen and stomach and damage to the spleen yang.

Most patients with spleen and yang deficiency will have a manifestation of cold, and they may also be accompanied by symptoms such as sparse stool, bloating, and cold hands and feet.

Generally, people with spleen and yang deficiency will feel more comfortable after rubbing the abdomen for a while.

2. Sweet medicine can strengthen the spleen

The meaning of the words in the "Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic" is that the spleen is happy and wet. If the spleen is troubled by wet evil, you can bear the cold and cold drugs to get wet;

When the spleen and yang deficiency causes the spleen function to decline, you can eat sweet -flavored drugs, because the sweet taste has a slow -moving effect.

3. Yellow spleen

"Central yellow, entering through the spleen" means that the middle of the melon is yellow, and it is best for the spleen.

Chinese medicine believes that the five internal organs correspond to the five colors and the spleen corresponds to yellow.

Therefore, people with weak spleen and stomach can eat more yellow foods such as pumpkin.

4. The whole body of pumpkin is treasure

Pumpkin seeds are most commonly used in medicine, and have the effect of killing insects and spleen;

Pumpkin cricket, clear heat and cool blood, detoxify;

Pumpkin vine, can strengthen the spleen and dampness.

5. How to eat pumpkin?

Green pumpkin is crispy, suitable for fried and claypot baked;

Red circular pumpkin tastes waxy, suitable for steaming and oiling;

Cream pumpkin is suitable for desserts, such as pumpkin branding and pumpkin.

Pumpkin seedlings can be used for cold dishes, which can be mixed with cold and stir -fry.

Pumpkin vine cooks. Generally, the tender stems and leaves are generally used to treat the white fluff on the clean leaves, and then remove it with water.

6. Home homemade pumpkin seeds

First choose a cooked pumpkin, take out the pumpkin seeds, and fully clean it to the pumpkin seeds without pumpkin.

Then dry in the sun for 3-4 days until it is completely dry;

You can eat it directly, or stir -fry the low heat in the pot.


Poor melon -melon ——

The whole body is also treasure

I believe that many uncles and aunts have the trouble of constipation. The melon to be introduced next has the effect of moisturizing the intestines, don’t miss it!

1. Pinnic melon: melon 便

The whole body is also treasure, skin, seeds, and roots can be used as medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine ceramic flour is the effect of clearing heat, clearing heat, rejuvenating, and relieving thirst, swelling and eliminating pus;

Melonic skin, which has the effect of clearing heat and phlegm, wide chest qi, and commonly used lung disease;

Melon dumplings, can moisturize the intestines.

There are all kinds of effects in the whole melon, but the effect is not as strong as it is used alone.

2. Contests of different certificates

① Confusion

Symptoms: dry stools are dry and difficult to discharge

Treatment should be based on Wenyang and the spleen and intestines.

② Constipation of yin deficiency

Symptoms: difficult stools (such as sheep manure), difficulty in excretion, dry mouth

Treatment is mainly nourishing yin, Shengjin, and intestinal stool.

Director Wang said that the roots of Guayu can nourish yin and livelihood, suitable for yin deficiency and constipation; pumpkin and cistanic Rong can strengthen the spleen and warm the sun, suitable for yang deficiency and constipation.


Clear hot melon -melon

Summer consumption is just when

In the hot summer, if you want to clear heat and thirst, don’t eat watermelon!

Groana, cold and sweet, returned to the heart meridian, stomach meridian, and the moisture content exceeds 99%, which is very suitable for summer.

Director Wang reminded melon to be cold and not to eat too much.

The melon seeds have a certain effect of moisturizing the intestines. Eating sweet melon seeds can relieve symptoms such as unwavering stools and caused stomach bloating and indigestion.

When your uncle and aunt eat melon, Guadi should not eat it!Because Guati is often used for vomiting!

What skills can help us buy the sweetest "clear hot melon"?

①An smell, whether it exudes the scent of melon;

② Press the melon skin, and the soft melon is mature.

③ Pin the umbilical umbilicus, and the softer melon is sweeter.

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