Don’t eat hot pot in the early pregnancy?How to maintain

Yesterday I pushed some small knowledge about how to judge pregnancy. Let’s talk about how to maintain the early stage of pregnancy.

First of all, let’s talk about it.

Let’s first talk about it, eat more fruits, vegetables, and fish, etc. The taste should be lighter, avoid salty and spicy. This is bad. Everyone knows it.The hot and sour one is to eat sauce, Wuhan duck neck, elbow, hair blood, hot pot … which taste is heavy, in fact, the condiments added there are the most, especially hot pot. Compared with ordinary people, it is impossibleOften eat more.

Women in the early pregnancy are really not easy, too light and not appetizing and hungry, the taste is heavy and hurt, so what should I do? Can I even eat the hot pot of the national carnival? Experts think it is best not to eat it, but it can also be appropriate.Controlling occasionally, for example, if you can insist on not eating for three days, you will reward yourself a little bit on the fourth day. Of course, it is best to cook it with a bacterial soup.Injury.

Things like hawthorn, longan, barley, crab, bitter gourd, turtle, aloe, horseshtaria, etc. can easily cause contractions and miscarriage. Be sure to avoid eating as much as possible.There are also spinach and lychee. Do not eat more.

If folic acid is supplemented, if you want to supplement vitamins to ensure your baby’s nutrition, you can eat composite vitamins or maternity milk powder under the guidance of a doctor, but do not eat at the same time to avoid excess nutrition.

Let’s talk about daily trivial matters

When squatting, you should be slow, when you stand up, do not mention heavy objects, buy clothes and buy bags on the streets, etc. In short, you must remember to bring your husband.

It is best to choose a shower at night. Do n’t be too hot in water. It feels warm.

Pay attention to radiation from daily, should not be too long to watch TV and play mobile phones, and wear radiation -proof uniforms if necessary.For high -radiated electrical appliances, it is even better to stay away from, so it is better to cook and grill bread.

Breat off fresh air every 2 hours, blow less air conditioners and fans, and travel clothes at night to prevent cold.

Use any drugs such as treating colds, fever, cough, eye discomfort, etc., you must consult your doctor. Do not take your own diagnosis blindly.In addition, in order to avoid infection, avoid wearing contact lenses, it will be better to replace the box mirror.

Of course, if there is no child’s plan but unfortunately pregnant, the expert’s opinion is that pregnancy is also paying attention to fate. Since he is born in your body, this shows that you have the fate that you can’t help. If you can accept it, you can accept it.That’s really an accident.

If you can only take this step, experts hope that women will not be stupid.Artificial abortion is already a kind of misfortune. Just because of funding problems or fear of others, you can do this operation if you just find a place.Gynecological inflammation infertility is common.

If you are still awake and love yourself, then you must go to a regular professional hospital for this operation. Before surgery, you must also tell your doctor your future breeding needs to ensure your own fertility to the greatest extent.

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