Don’t eat this kind of chicken feet!It may be blisted by hydrogen peroxide

Is there any doubt when buying chicken feet

Some chicken feet are too white?

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Consumer Protection Commission of Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province

Compare the comparison of instant chicken feet

And issue consumer tips

Chicken feet with too white colors

It may be blisted by hydrogen peroxide

Network pictures, graphics and text have nothing to do with

Some illegal vendors use hydrogen peroxide (bactericidal and bleaching effects) soaked products to extend the shelf life and make chicken feet become large and white, but eating this chicken feet has a great impact on human health

How to identify

Chicken feet treated by hydrogen peroxide

At first glance: Normal chicken feet are natural, slightly yellow, and the color is too white, and the color may be soaked by hydrogen peroxide; the second look at the bone joint: Generally cooked chicken feet are dark brown, and the flesh texture is also color.After the chicken feet are cooked, there is a certain toughness, which is not easy to tear off; the four look at the taste: the normal chicken feet taste tough, and the chicken feet tone of hydrogen peroxide treatment is crispy.


Don’t forget to see the product ingredient table 01 Select regular channels to buy

Pay attention to check whether the product packaging is complete. The product production date, shelf life, storage conditions, ingredient tables, "QS" or "SC" logo, production factory name, address, contact information, etc. on the packaging are complete.02 Pay attention to the storage of the storage method in accordance with the method of the packaging label, and the time limit for storage cannot exceed the shelf life of the product.Before consumption, pay attention to observe whether the appearance of the packaging is normal, whether it is swollen, mildew and other phenomena.03 Note that the production process of ingredients in the ingredients of the product is fried, halogen, and foaming. Usually measures such as high temperature sterilization, adding preservatives and radiation sterilization to achieve preservation and freshness.Consumers try to choose foods with few types of food additives.

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