Don’t get pregnant without drinking drink: even drinking "moderate" will significantly increase the risk of miscarriage

A large amount of sufficient evidence shows that drinking during pregnancy is related to the ending of bad pregnancy.

Among them, the most noticeable is a syndrome of alcoholic fetal pedestal dysfunction with post -birth brain dysfunction and skull facial deformity.

Severe tires and abortion can be caused.

Of course, it is generally believed that a large amount of drinking can cause death and abortion.

However, according to a latest study, women who drink alcohol during pregnancy, even if they are drinking in an "appropriate amount", have a risk of abortion by 19 % higher than women who do not drink at all.

This research is the largest system evaluation and fate analysis in this field. The research on alcohol exposure and miscarriage published from 1970 to 2019 from major medical databases.Item research meets the criteria, including data from more than 230,000 pregnant women.

The analysis found that compared with women who do not drink at all, even if they drink in appropriately during pregnancy (drink less than 7 standard cups per week, the 1 standard cup is any alcohol containing 14 grams of pure alcohol, such as 1 can jar of ordinary beer), abortion, abortionRisk also increased by 19%.

At the same time, the study also found that there is a dose reaction relationship between drinking and abortion risk during pregnancy: drinking less than a small amount of alcohol in 5 standard cups per week, a cup of abortion risk of each drink an increase of 6%.

According to the results of a large number of animal experiments, drinking during pregnancy is mainly caused by increasing the fetal oxidation stimulation and causing cell damage, thereby increasing the risk of abortion.

In view of the previous research, it has been confirmed that for alcoholic fetal spectrum obstacles, there is no safe dose threshold for drinking during pregnancy. At any time of pregnancy, even drinking a small amount of alcohol will increase this risk.

Therefore, many authoritative institutions have strongly suggested that women during pregnancy must drip alcohol and do not get pregnant without drinking.

This latest study once again reminds that for abortion, drinking during pregnancy is also not safe for dose standards.

Why is it during pregnancy?

Because the research by Western countries (similar women in our country) before, it was found that it was discovered that about women who were about to drink during pregnancy.This is mainly because, although many women understand the criteria of "not drinking", many pregnancy is outside the plan.

The family’s early pregnancy examination requires at least one week after the embryo is formed. In this week, many embryos are facing the threat of alcohol exposure.

Therefore, the relevant agencies have always emphasized that for any fertility for fertility (no abortion after pregnancy), it should not drink at any time.

In June of this year, scientists at the University of Queensland, Australia were under experimental to study without drinking drinking and drinking.The development of the fetus.

Researchers fed 12.5 % of the ethanol solution 4 days before the experimental mice to conceive. The results showed that alcohol had differentiation on placenta nourishing cells, embryo-uterine information transmission, and placental blood vessel formation, which caused a significant impact, resultingOn the 15th day of the embryo, the placental capacity was significantly reduced.

As we all know, the growth and development of the fetus depend on the supply of nutrients through the placenta and umbilical cord blood vessels. Destruction of placenta development will naturally hinder the fetal development, leading to slow growth, low weight birth, and severe cause of embryonic death, fetal stopping or dead tires, or tires, or tires, and tires, or tires, or tires, or tires, and tires, or tires.abortion.

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