Don’t look at the gums of pregnant mothers!How can it be relieved?The doctor gives you a trick

After pregnancy, many expectant mothers may find that their teeth become more fragile, and even gum bleeding occurs.What is the reason?Yu Lina, an associate professor of dental hospital affiliated to Guangzhou Medical University, said that this is a normal physiological phenomenon and don’t worry too much.However, it is recommended that women should go to a professional dental hospital for a comprehensive oral examination when preparing for pregnancy.

Associate Professor Yu Liba, Dentalina, Affiliated to Guangzhou Medical University

Associate Professor Yu Lina said that when the expectant mother was pregnant, the progesterone hormone in her body would rise.After the elevation of progesterone hormones, the capillaries of the gums are dilated, become fragile, curved, and easily bleed under slight stimulation or spontaneous bleeding.This situation is a normal physiological phenomenon. Specific mothers do not have to worry too much. Generally, symptoms will disappear after maternal production.

However, it is important to note that associate Professor Yu Lina said that if there are mild chronic gingivitis and periodontitis before pregnancy, the disease will increase and even bleed with the hormone secretion level after pregnancy.If this situation has not been improved, it is necessary to go to a professional dental hospital to Dental Consultation.

However, sometimes pregnant women have bleeding gums, but it is not a trivial matter.Associate Professor Yu Lina suggested that when pregnant women bleed their gums, they must first pay attention to oral hygiene. In addition to brushing their teeth in the morning and evening, they should also rinse their mouths after meals; replace the soft hair toothbrushes, clean the mouth with a soft force to prevent gums from getting exerted;Fluoride toothpaste (with anti -inflammatory effects); correct use of dental floss and toothpicks, especially tooth vents, can help clean the food residue stored in the gap.

At the same time, it is necessary to change the method of brushing her teeth. There are many expectant mothers to brush horizontally when brushing their teeth. It is recommended to use Papa brushing method.Of course, it is best to do a comprehensive oral examination before pregnancy to prevent gum bleeding during pregnancy, and it is more secure for mothers and fetuses.

If gum bleeding often, in addition to diagnosis of the cause of gum bleeding, you can also eat more foods containing vitamins.

"Generally speaking, bleeding of gums is mostly made of plaque accumulation. It is necessary to strictly obey the advice of professional doctors and treat them. In addition, eating more foods with more vitamins is also helpful. From the perspective of vitamin, vitamin C can alleviate it to alleviateBleeding gum bleeding, increasing the elasticity of capillaries, helps to improve gum bleeding, but it must also be supplemented according to your own situation. Drink more water, eat less or not eat spicy food. "

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