Don’t want to have a baby, the ancients have these 4 methods, but most of them are harmful to the body

Nowadays, not only our living conditions are getting better and better, but also the medical level is relatively developed. Therefore, there are many methods for treating various diseases and contraceptive measures, so it also reduces the chance of accidental pregnancy.Some of the time of contraceptive measures do not understand, so do not want to have baby, the ancients have these four methods, but most of them are harmful to the body.

There may be many people who feel that the more ancient life, the better, and no need for contraception, but in fact ancient people also have a certain way of contraception.

The first method: make the animal intestine into a condom

This kind of thing is actually closer to the current condom. It is the oldest method of contraception. The main method is to take a section of pork intestines, one end with silk thread sewing, and the other end opening can be locked to prevent slipping.This method can be used immediately when it is needed in time, and it needs to be prepared in advance, because it needs to use warm milk to soak the condom overnight before it can be used.

The second method: beating iron water

This method is actually very harmful to the body of the pregnant woman, because the iron water contains lead, but it is not clear about the specific harm for people at that time, so the number of infertility is also more.There are relatively few people adopted by this method. After all, iron water can cause people to have problems with human nerves and may even die.

Method 3: Inject mercury

Mercury is very harmful to the human body. It is very easy to cause death when more injection. A mercury is actually what was in the temperature meter before.A little mercury in injection can make the fetus in the abdomen dead, and they can contraception, but a large number of sterling mercury will cause death. Long -term injection of mercury will cause the human body to disorders, renal damage, and even infertility.The situation of education.

Method 4: Materials such as gold and silver and ivory

Maybe this method sounds good, but it is actually very cruel.Because in ancient times, rich people can use gold and silver or ivory materials for manufacturing, and then wrap it with oil paper or beeswax outside.Although the materials made are very expensive, it has an impact on women’s bodies, and sometimes such things can also cause female poisoning.And this method is actually not a particularly great effect on contraception.

Through the introduction of the content of the above article, everyone should have some understanding of the contraceptive method that did not want to have a baby in ancient times.It is very large, and severely causes poisoning of female friends, so the method of contraception in ancient times was still scared.

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