Don’t want to wear a sleeve, don’t you just take medicine?

According to the Indian Times on November 20, a type of injection -type male contraceptive called Risug has completed clinical trials.

This medicine adopts the form of injection and is valid for 13 years.

The point is that this method is reversible. If you want to restore the fertility function, you only need to inject a needle -needle sodium bicarbonate to remove the seal and destroy the gel.

303 people participated in the third clinical trial, with a success rate of 97.3%, without any side effects reports.

As soon as the news came out, it quickly went on Weibo to search, which caused cheers from many netizens.

Of course, the time for drugs and whether the injection of drugs will cause the spread of other diseases, these problems have also caused many netizens to think.In fact, this drug is mainly in the face of people with stable gender relations, and my sister does not add more comments here.

For a long time, contraception is a problem that women must consider and bear, and it is necessary to put contraception on men to think.

Many netizens in the comments have no concealment and fear of physical harm to drugs. However, in the relationship, how many men will consider the problem of contraception before enjoying the joy of sex.

In fact, in the era of development information, many men and women have accepted a lot of knowledge about sex, but there are still many women who jump on the fire pit in the flow of people.

My sister has also received a lot of troubles about contraception. All of them are from female compatriots. Their troubles are usually amazingly consistent:

He said wearing a suit, not feeling

He said that wearing a set affects the intimacy of the two

He said he can take medicine afterwards


The "he said", the girls obviously had deep concerns about not wearing a cover, but silently let themselves succumb to this "he said".

How humble and low girls are such gender relations?Intersection

A hot search news last year:

In the early morning of 4.12, a rental house by the West Lake in Hangzhou, a beautiful girl with only 22 -year -old, committed suicide by burning charcoal, died with her, and a fetus with less than 3 months in her belly.

The reason why this girl chose to leave the world was because of a scumbag.

On March 30, the girl found the facts of his split in her boyfriend’s mobile phone. The girl couldn’t accept it. She wanted to break up. The man agreed very quickly.

After breaking up, the girl found that she was pregnant unexpectedly. This was the second time that the girl was pregnant. Just three months ago, the girl had just performed abortion surgery.This time the scumbag, let her remove it by herself, and then no longer travel.

Twelve days later, the girl committed suicide.

The day before suicide, the girl still chatted with her friends on WeChat, how good the man was to her.

After the news was released, netizens sighed, 22 years old, how beautiful, but lost hope of living.

The girl’s single mother is distraught: I have worked hard to raise my 22 -daughter, and what’s the point of living in my life!

There is only one time in life, even if despair, you have to live, because for those who don’t care about you, you are not afraid to die.

This news was very hot at the time. Many netizens scolded the scumbag to die, but there were a lot of voices, accusing the girls who did not love themselves, and fell into a man, and pregnant twice for a man.

Seeing these unfriendly comments, my sister can really understand the despair of girls when suicide–

The flow of people is not just a woman’s body, but more damage is a woman’s heart.

Girl, abortion twice in three months, was informed by the doctor that there may not be a chance to be a mother in the future.

On the one hand, love makes her discouraged, on the other hand, she has to face the risk of not being a mother in this life. The girl can’t think of it and choose to leave.

In love, the girl will lower her posture for the man’s "coolness" for a moment.

However, the flow of people has obviously exceeded the scope of attitude, and it threatens women’s health and even life.

For men, in most cases, they are outside, just like the scum man above, he will make a new girlfriend, every day is a new life.

Ruan Wan in "To Youth", the man she loved Zhao Shiyong derailed and caused other women to get pregnant. Zhao Shiyong actually handled this messy stall to Ruan Wan. When Ruan Wan was also pregnant, she thought they finally ended up in love, butZhao Shiyong knew that she was furious after she was pregnant!

Ruan Wan’s tolerance was in exchange for the opponent’s ignorance and ruthlessness. At the end of the film, she got married and pregnant with other men, because she was unforgettable that Zhao Shiyong died on the way to see him.


There are many examples of suicide for love. For example, for the abortion of scumbags, there are countless:

A girl under the age of 18 performed abortion surgery, and died in three minutes on the operating table;

A 26 -year -old woman had a miscarriage four times a year, and eventually her body was dragged down and died unfortunately;


When the girls were on the university campus, they were baptized by countless "painless people" advertisements- "Three minutes of troubles", "Three minutes in dreams, superconducting painlessness", "I will do the flow of people today, go to work tomorrow" …Mowing

It seems that the flow of people is as simple as a band -aid with a band -picked peeling.

What impact will those marketing advertisements not care about the life of the girls!

And men who cause the flow of girls do not need to bear any consequences, and sometimes even the cost of surgery!

China has nearly 13 million abortion surgery each year, ranking first in the world, and it is getting younger.

Among these people, many girls are not the first time.

After abortion, there are many complications. Multiple abortion is also prone to symptoms such as infertility, ectopic pregnancy, abortion, premature birth, and postpartum bleeding. Some studies have shown that the probability of infertility is very high.

These are not alarmist. Except for harm to the body, according to research on a foreign institution, the proportion of abortion women suffering from depression is 4 times that of no abortion, and the suicide rate is 5 times higher than its.

The flow of people hurts women, but they are usually not sympathetic.On the contrary, it is obviously a culprit man and has a great prejudice against people.

Some straight male cancer, when making friends, said that one of the hard conditions of choosing a girlfriend is: "I have never lived in the stomach."

Sister has also interviewed some divorced men. They all work and live in first -tier cities, and they are relatively stressed. Why do they have to divorce? There are many reasons: the wife can’t give birth.

They agreed that their wives were chaotic and had more abortion before they got married, and they resolutely did not carry this pot.

Losing the right to be a mother is already a great sadness of a woman, and it is still abandoned by a man. It is really hard to imagine how much compassion and warmth left for women.

Women, only if they protect themselves well, can they be less passive in love and marriage.

In "A Mother’s Revenge", there is such a line:

I used twenty years to teach my daughter how to protect myself, but you did not spend a second to teach your son not to hurt others.

In protecting themselves, sex education is lacking, and this is exactly what girls need and need, which is about how they become a woman and how to be a mother.

Parents said: Don’t fall in love, don’t have a man without education, don’t have no house … but don’t say to the girl: Please don’t get pregnant unexpectedly, don’t have sex diseases.

Beauty writer Lin Yihan committed suicide because she was seduced when she was young, causing a lot of attention in the society.

In the book, Lin Yihan revealed that he had asked his parents for help: Our tutor seems to have anything, but there is no sex education.

And her mother looked at her in surprise and replied, "What sex education? Sex education is for those who need sex. Isn’t it that all education?"

The mother’s answer was blocked by her only way of survival. On the road of sex education, her parents were absent, and they were absent from school, but they thought that she didn’t need to start school at all.

So after she was violated, she could only find a way out: After thinking about these days, I thought of the only solution. I can’t just like him, I want to fall in love with him.She thus forced herself to fell in love with J.

Bei Normal University has gathered hard for several years, and it was easy to produce a "Reading of Primary Schools’ Sexual Health Education". They were all argued by parents who did not know the truth and were forced to get off.

Parents are the strongest backing of their children, but in the face of sex, parents are like a flood beast.

However, if you love your children, please tell her what is the importance of sex and sex before her adult.

When we understand the importance of sex education, we will not have so many unexpected pregnancy and abortion.

Parents, please think about it, if you don’t tell your child, who do you want to tell your child the first one?

If you have grown to your own contact knowledge, please remember that from now on, you must remember to use this knowledge to protect yourself.

It is not so difficult to protect yourself.

His boyfriend was unwilling to wear a suit and told him the harm and consequences of not wearing a sleeve. If he still insisted, the girl must be soberly realized: there is nothing to nostalgic for the man who ignores your body.

Protecting your body is the basis of all possibilities. If the body is gone, nothing will be.

Learn to love yourself, it is right when it is.

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