Dr. Pregnant Female Division of Disposal Subsequently: Chat records are spicy eyes, and children have a miscarriage due to derailment

Dr. Pregnant Female Division of Disposal Subsequently: Chat records are spicy eyes, and children have a miscarriage due to derailment

Mother, this great identity should have given her a lofty morality.However, some mothers’ behavior deeply breaks through the bottom line of morality, which is distressed!

Recently, the news about the derailment of a doctorate in the United States caused a widespread concern that the abortion of the fetus at six months has attracted widespread attention.It is understood that this female doctor is a student studying in the United States. Because of her temporary emotional out of control, she had an extramarital affair with an others, which caused her fetuses for six months to be pregnant.Once this incident was exposed, all sectors of society immediately launched a fierce discussion.

Her mother is a significant role, and she is endlessly responsible and love.However, we are often shocked and hated by the behavior of some mothers.Recently, a female doctor about a female doctor who went to the United States was deviated from the marriage vow during pregnancy, and even the news that the six -month -old fetus could not continue to grow up healthy.The doctor who stayed in the United States accidentally fell into an extramarital affairs in a moment of emotional chaos, which undoubtedly impacted people’s borders of speculation.Therefore, this social issue immediately triggered the intense thinking of human values from all walks of life.

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On June 22, a netizen disclosed the chat history of his former wife on the Internet, which makes people feel "spicy eyes"!The incident broke the general understanding of the public’s Dr. Study Abroad.

Why is this man a chat record of his ex -wife derailed?Is it to revenge her betrayal?

According to the man, he thought that all this had passed, but he did not expect that his ex -wife Wu Jiayi not only did not admit his derailment, but also discredited his ex -husband online, saying that he was a mother, and slandered his family violence.

This move completely angered the man because he was angry because of his ex -wife’s derailment in marriage.What is even more angry is that Wu Jiayi still did not check the point during pregnancy, which led to the result of miscarriage.

The two met and fell in love in 2017. In 2018, Wu Jiayi went to study in California. The man did not choose to return to China after graduation. Instead, he stayed in the United States to accompany her to study for a doctorate. The two received a marriage certificate during California.

On June 5, 2019, Wu Jiayi said that he would go to help his friends to review his homework, so he would go home later, but she did not go home.

Until the morning the next day, the man suddenly received the news and learned that his wife’s amniotic fluid was broken.Although people are not a big deal, children have not been able to keep it.According to reports, the female doctoral surname, 32 years old, is currently studying a doctorate in the United States.During her pregnancy, she had an extramarital affairs with a man, and her husband found a chat record between them and reported it.These chat records contain a variety of dialogue content such as text messages and voice information when they are together, which is very explicit.

According to the chat history, the content of the dialogue between the female doctor and the man involves a large number of unfair relationships, and its content is quite explicit.At the same time, Dr. Dr. also revealed his pregnancy in the dialogue and discussed with men.In the end, Dr. Female underwent abortion surgery in her apartment, which led her to lost her 6 -month -old fetus.

After the incident was exposed, Dr. Female was immediately suspended by the school and faced possible administrative sanctions.At the same time, her husband suffered a huge blow and injury.

The cause of this incident was that the female doctor was out of control during pregnancy, and she fell into an extramarital affairs with a man.Although the content in the chat history is very explicit, the female doctor does not seem to realize that her behavior is wrong, but instead see it as an emotional sustenance and vent.

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Derailment in marriage is a serious moral corruption behavior, but a woman is not ashamed of this, but instead slander the ex -husband on the Internet.What about her behavior about her behavior?What should I do for the problem of spouse derailment?

First of all, there should be loyalty obligations between husband and wife.If the sexual behavior of the husband and wife and the third party occurs in the marriage relationship, it will be regarded as derailment in marriage.

According to Article 1043 of the "People’s Republic of China", couples should be faithful, respectful, and caring for each other.

In the marriage life, both men and women should maintain their dedication to their spouses. They must not have sex with the third party, nor should they infringe the legitimate rights and interests of the spouse for the interests of the third party.

However, the loyalty obligation between husband and wife is only a moral advocacy without compulsory forces.If only one party violates the loyalty of husband and wife, litigation requires compensation, and the law will not give support.Such incidents not only caused damage and blows on the parties themselves, but also impacted the morality and value of the entire society.Marriage is one of the important choices in life. Extra -marriage not only causes damage to the family, but also causes destruction and impact on the moral atmosphere of the entire society.

You can give a few examples to explain this:

Example 1: A man in a certain city and a certain district has an extramarital affair with others outside the marriage. After his wife discovered, he chose to divorce.Although the man tried to save his marriage, he eventually ended with a divorce.Afterwards, the man deeply recognized his mistakes and said he would reflect on his behavior.

Example 2: A woman in a city and a district has a relationship with others during pregnancy, leading to their own abortion.The woman was hit by a great blow, acknowledged her irreparable mistakes, and said she had to deeply reflect on her behavior.

Example 3: A family in a certain city and a district is in dispute due to extramarital affairs and others.Although her daughter tried to save her marriage, she ended up with divorce.Afterwards, the family deeply realized his mistakes and said he would reflect on his behavior.

The above is a brief discussion about derailment in marriage and the problem of spouse derailment.Marriage is an important social relationship. We should maintain and cherish it together to convey more positive and healthy family values.

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