Dream interpretation: Most people often dream of the psychological interpretation of 5 scenes in life

We all know that as early as the end of the business and the beginning of the week, we appeared "Zhou Gong’s dream interpretation". This technique used to explain the dream.This is more systematic and scientific psychological skills than Western society.Indeed, dreams can always bring different feelings. Sometimes they may be duplicate for our life during the day, and sometimes it is a manifestation of our emotions and pressure.Today, Andy will explain to you from the perspective of psychology. Most people often dream about the psychological interpretation of the five scenes that people often dream in life.

In order to get more respect and even love, we pay attention to external attention and have many requirements for clothing.Obviously, we will not intentionally appear in front of the crowd with the poor clothing we think.But we are likely to encounter such a situation in dreams. For example, in the dream, you find that you are wearing weird clothing in public places. You feel the pointers and ridicule of the people around you.When you wake up, this embarrassment and humiliation still exist.

According to the psychologist Ian Wallace, the emergence of such dreams may show that your life or work makes you feel fragile and lack of security.You are afraid that the shortcomings on your body will be exposed to colleagues or friends.

At the same time, if you are wearing weird clothing in a dream in the dream, you are proud of it, and the meaning of the expression will be the opposite.This may show that you long for your own advantages and personality.

Disasters are things that humans are afraid, and they often appear in dreams, and the types of disaster are also diverse.For example, natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunami, or people such as wars and terrorist attacks.People will have these disaster dreams, which may be due to the impact of watching such movies or news reports.It may also be because there is some kind of fear in life. This kind of fear may be for some people or things. You are afraid that these people will suddenly erupt in front of you, fearing that these things will deteriorate in front of you.

Perhaps when you enter the state of deep sleep, there is a scene where people or animals are chased crazy in your dreams. In a worse case, you can’t see what you catch up with you, or you feel like you feelThe other party held a fatal weapon.There are also several meaning that this dream can express.

Psychological expert Lauri Lovinberg said that in general, those who are afraid of conflict problems in the nearest stage are prone to this dream.For example, a person initially had severe debt and encountered continuous debts; or a person encountered extreme pressure at work and was required to complete the work within a limited short time.

Interestingly, not only women dream of getting pregnant, but also men.You can’t explain it all from the physical form.In addition to some people who are eager for children, they dream of pregnancy, and some people who have some hope and longing in their lives will have this dream.

According to psychologist David Bedrick, pregnancy symbolizes some new growth of people’s hearts.Therefore, if a person has just started to decorate the house, just starts a new job, or at the beginning of a new relationship, it is normal to dream of pregnancy.

When we ride a roller coaster, a building jumping machine, or a bungee jumping, we can feel the feeling of stimulating adrenaline brought about by losing gravity.But at the same time, we all know that we have safety protection, and in the dream, we may make us fall under extreme fear (without any protection).

Psychologist Ian Wallace said that the dream of falling shows that some kind of fear has completely lost control.In other words, people have experienced many situations in their lives that may trigger the emergence of this dream.For example, the phenomenon of getting out of control such as diseases, leaving partners, financial crisis, etc.

What dreams do you have in your usual time?What do you think your dreams show?

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