Dreaming of picking up a brilliant jewelry

1. When Pharaoh had a dream when it was dawn, and dreamed that he had picked up a bright jewelry. People were shocked when they saw it, and they bought at high prices.Seeing that so many people value this treasure, Pharaoh raises the market price, not selling at 10,000 yuan.Later, someone was bid for 5,000 yuan, and he still didn’t sell it.When the bargaining was not arguing, a morning chicken cried awakened the dream of Pharaoh.He opened his eyes and saw that there was no jewelry in his hand, so he quickly closed his eyes and said, "Five thousand, 5,000, sell it to you …"

2. Since the emergence of a small price prawn in Qingdao, it has changed people’s lives

In a small restaurant,

Customer: "Boss, beef noodles?"

Boss: "8 yuan!"

Customer: "Is 8 pieces of noodles or a bowl?"

Boss: "One bowl!"

Customers eat with confidence, checkout

Boss: "A total of 130!"

Customer: "Isn’t it a bowl of 8 yuan?"

Boss: "Noodles are 8 yuan, 80 beef, 10 pieces of soup, coriander …"

3. There is a girl who looks like a flower.Because of family factors, she had to live with her single uncle.They are usually installed on the surface.One day, the girl finally couldn’t help but called her uncle to her room and said, "Uncle … I can no longer stand … I now order you to take off my coat."

The uncle took a silent photo.She took a deep breath and said, "Now … take off my shirt again."

The uncle still did it.The girl still blushed and said, "My bra also takes it off …"

Uncle hesitated for a while, but did it.

"Then … my underwear." The girl said.The uncle also took off slowly.

The girl sighed, and then said to the uncle, "… Okay … Uncle! From now on, I don’t allow you to wear my clothes anymore, hear it?"

4. When I was in school, I had a girlfriend. Every time the school team played the game, she would help out on the sidelines.When the midfielder rests, other people’s girlfriends will quickly take the water and say, "You are tired of kicking the field just now, drink some water."

And I had to take the water quickly to my girlfriend, and said, "You just scolded you at the scene just now, drink some water.

5. On the street, a young woman walked in front of a passerby and said:

"Please forgive, sir, you must find that I have been paying attention to you. This is because I think of how I think, you seem to be my father’s father." "What?" Passers -by scared his eyes and said, "I?This is definitely impossible! "

"Don’t worry, I am a female teacher in kindergarten."

6. The wife of a salesman cried and said, "Every time you go out, I am very worried."

The husband comforted her and said, "Dear, don’t worry about me, I will rush back at any time."

Wife said: "I just worry about this."

7. Lanlan shopping in the mall, happened to see Sony company being selling a new doll- "Um" to move the left leg with a sound. "For ammonia, it will move the right leg.As a result, that day, that puppet ran away from home!

8. Today, taking advantage of the girls who leased them in the bath, I secretly slipped into her room, picked up her clothes and started to sniff carefully.

When I was sniffing seriously, she suddenly came in and asked loudly: What are you doing?

I lost her things and forced her to the corner, a handsome niche.EssenceEssence

She said shyly: You, what are you going to do?

Then I looked at her eyes affectionately with my eyes, and said loudly: Did your TM steal my laundry powder!Intersection

9. The company manager instructed a instructions in each person’s salary bag to explain: "Your salary is your personal secret, please don’t leak it to anyone." A first -time staff counted the salary and frowned with frowning.I wrote a sentence in the signature: "I will never leak to anyone, because I am like you, I’m sorry to tell this income."

10. In the supermarket, the flow of people is like weaving, and suddenly the broadcast rang: "Who parents lost a 4 -year -old boy wearing a yellow plaid shirt and blue jeans, please go to the service desk immediately." I saw a tired woman next to itThen he said to the man around him: "While someone helps us see the children, hurry up and buy some dishes."

11. I do n’t ignore you, do n’t ignore you, do n’t care about you, nor do I look down on you. In fact, I have ignored you.

12. Wife: Can you bear your wife, your wife, can you bear it in ten months of pregnancy?

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