Dreaming of planting vegetables on the wall indicates "white power" or "high school"?

Before starting today’s topic, let me tell a small story.

In the era of imperial examinations, a show came to Beijing to take the exam and live in a guest shop.

Before the exam, he had three dreams, namely he dreamed of growing cabbage on the wall, wearing an umbrella and lying with his beloved cousin while wearing a bucket, but his back leaning his back.

After waking up, Xiucai felt that these three dreams were a little unusual, and seemed to have some meanings. They decided to find the desire to solve the dream, but the result was that she could not high school this time.

Xiucai didn’t believe it. Mr. Fortune explained: "Do you think about it, isn’t planting vegetables on the high wall? Isn’t Dou Douyu hitting an umbrella?

Hearing this, Xiu Cai was frustrated and returned to the guest shop to clean up the bags and was ready to go home.

Seeing this scene, the owner of the guest shop asked very strangely: "Didn’t you take the exam tomorrow, why are you going home today?"

Xiucai talked to the guest shop boss in frustration.

As a result, unlike Mr. Jie Meng, the owner of the guest shop laughed and said, "You are a good dream, indicating that you will have high school this time."

The owner of the guest shop said with a happy face: "Think about it, the meaning of planting food on the wall means high school, Dou Douyu’s umbrella shows that you have no preparation this time, lying on the bed with your cousin back, it is that you are about to come when you turn over."

As soon as Xiucai heard it, he felt that the guest owner’s words were even more reasonable, and the frustrated mood disappeared immediately.

As a result, I took the exam with inspiring, and as a result, I was scratched.

Seeing this, you may be puzzled, why do the same dream have the opposite meaning?

This is because everyone looks different from the angle of the problem.Under normal circumstances, we will observe things from the most convenient and most accustomed perspective.

The story of Cao Cao during the Three Kingdoms period favored this view.

At that time, when Cao Cao assassinated Dong Zhuo and escaped, Lu Yue’s old friend Lu Bohe, his father, and his family’s family intends to kill pigs to entertain Cao Cao enthusiastically.

However, after hearing the sound of the knife, Cao Cao mistakenly thought that the old man wanted to kill him to report to the official, so he killed the old man’s family.

Cao Cao in the story is a doubtful person. After hearing the sound of the knife, he habitually suspected that Lu Boshe would kill himself.This is actually because he does not look at the problem at multiple angles, and habitually makes an error judgment in accordance with his suspicious temperament, and eventually leave an unrequited eternal scolding.

In life, such examples abound.

Those who persist in their own opinions and insights are unusually insisted and completely denied the views of others.On the contrary, those with multiple perspectives often perform smarter, peaceful and tolerant.

So, how can we cultivate their ability to think about problems with multiple perspectives?

First, learn to forget to listen.

The forgetfulness here refers to the no judgment, debate, right or wrong, and listen to the other party’s position completely.

In addition, after listening to the other party’s telling, we must also talk about their objective feelings from the perspective of "I", rather than blame each other or tell the other party what to do.

For example, when the child is worried about his homework, we can say, "Child, it’s so late, I really worry that you will have no spirit when you sleep late tomorrow." What is talking about here is my feelings, and if we say "You writeWhy is your homework so slow? You can’t hurry up? "It became accusations.

These make us understand that good communication is actually ways to follow, as long as we learn to think from the perspective of the other party, instead of blindly paying attention to our feelings, we can take the most important step of objective judgment.

Secondly, be good at reflection.

The so -called reflection refers to re -reviewing the past scenes and your own thinking process, as if it is the backbone of a movie.

Studies have shown that reflection is not only conducive to thinking about problems at multiple angles, but also helps us find mistakes in time and correct our behavior.

In life, I am a person who is good at reflecting.

In terms of writing, I often read the articles of writing masters, think about the logic and layered context of other people’s articles, and then compare my own articles to find out shortcomings.

On this basis, use these good methods to modify your article.This method allows me to make a lot of times and think about the problems from the perspective of many writing masters, which has made me greatly improved.

Finally, we have to jump out of a single perspective on this basis, which is an effective way for us to make the correct judgment.

I’m working hard, you come together!

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