Dreaming of the 7 -month -old son "full of blood"!Mom adjust the monitor to see this scene stunned: mother and child connected heart

▲ This mother accidentally discovered the fact that the nanny beating the child was accidentally discovered.

A mother in Liaoning recently dreamed that her son was full of blood, and was frightened. After getting up the next day, she mentioned the incident at the nanny.It was found that when they were not there, they would secretly violence against the 7 -month -old baby. They talked hard, regardless of the child’s pain, let the mother break the heart and report to the police.

According to "Headline News", his wife Xiaoling (pseudonym) had a child in August last year. Through the introduction of relatives and friends, she hired a 51 -year -old nanny nanny to help the child at a salary of 5,500 yuan per month.Originally, the nanny and the family got along well. Therefore, Xiaoling and her husband did not retain the other party’s identity card and parenting certificate.

▲ The nanny was lying on the bed and wanted to rest, so he reached out and moved to the baby.

Xiaoling (pseudonym) said that she had a monitor at home, but in fact she did not look at it. It wasn’t until one day she dreamed that her son was full of blood, so she felt a little uneasy.The child’s picture, then found that the nanny nanny was often rough at the child, and it was really "mother and child’s heart". If there was this dream, it would be difficult for her to find a nanny.

In the picture, I saw that the 7 -month -old baby was crawling in bed, and was taken over by the nanny. The little body turned over, and the nanny still didn’t stop. This picture made Xiaoling very sad.Afterwards, Xiaoling and the nanny paired, the other party did not admit wrong attitudes, and made her and her husband angrily call the police.

At present, the nanny was fined 500 yuan and administrative detention for 15 days. Netizens also left a message after reading it, "Why don’t you love children to take care of children?", "Is this punishment?"Medical costs", "What to do if the child is too light, what to do if this child is broken", "the punishment is too light to play a warning role."

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