Dreaming when you sleep?However, there are 5 reasons, there are several reasons, please pay attention to it

Dreaming at night is a normal phenomenon of human physiology.Most people do not have any discomfort when they wake up, but if they often dream, they are likely to affect their health.

Ms. Wang, 35, has always dreamed of her second child for more than three months, and her sleep quality has become poor. After waking up, she was confused all day.It is said that how long sleep determines how long a person’s life is, so how to treat the quality of sleep caused by dreaming?

Let’s take a look with Sister Na below ~

1. Not adapt to the environment

Many people are moving a new home, or in the early stages of living in school, which is prone to insomnia and often dreaming. This is mostly normal.It is mainly because of the sudden replacement of the sleep environment, which causes physical discomfort. After the adaptation period, this frequent dream will disappear.

2. Psychological pressure

Modern society is fiercely competitive. Even if you can eat and wear warmth every day, you will worry about whether you will be unemployed tomorrow.As the saying goes, there is something in the sun and dreaming at night.When a person is worried too much, it is easy to dream frequently, leading to insomnia.If this is caused by this, regulation of your own psychological pressure is the key to solving insomnia.

3. Physical pain

When a person is sick, especially when suffering from major illnesses, his physiological and psychological defense line is relatively fragile. Once he is stimulated by the outside world, frequent dreams will occur.

4. Change hormone changes in the body

Nearly 70%of pregnant women will dream during pregnancy, and more frequencies during pregnancy are more frequent than ever.

Ms. Wang, which is mentioned at the beginning of the article, is the case, which is a normal phenomenon, and has no special impact on the fetus, so there is no need to worry too much.

The main reason for this situation is that after women are pregnant, there will be a relatively large fluctuations in hormone levels, and this physiological change will also cause some physiological functions to change.

When the body of a pregnant woman changes, this feeling will stimulate the brain, causing the number of times and the chance of dreaming at night.

In addition, after pregnancy, with the changes in physiological loads and work and living environment, emotional fluctuations are also prone to occur, which leads to frequent dreams and affects sleep quality.

5. Lack of vitamins in the body

If the human body lacks omitrin, vitamin B6, vitamin B1, vitamin C, etc., it will also affect sleep and frequent dreams.For example, when the body lacks vitamin B6, it is easy to cause fatigue, and sleep quality and insomnia will occur when sleeping.

The above is some reasons that cause frequent dreams. If you have this situation, the corresponding see what causes it, and adjust it as soon as possible to avoid adverse effects on the body.

First, dreaming often reduces our immunity.This is because the cyt acid factors produced in the body during sleep can promote the increase in white blood cells and improve the immunity of the human body.On the contrary, immunity will decrease.

Secondly, when the human body’s immunity decreases, it cannot resist the invasion of external viruses, resulting in many diseases to come to the door, especially gastrointestinal diseases.

In the end, people who often dream of sleep have poor sleep quality. In the long run, they will accelerate the speed of human aging.

1. The regular physical exercise is helpful for improving the quality of night sleep.Generally speaking, exercise in the afternoon is the best time to help sleep at night. Take a hot bath before going to bed to help relax your muscles and make you sleep better.

2. Learn to adjust your mentality.Many people often have insomnia and dreaming, which is caused by great stress.Therefore, learning to reduce pressure is also critical.

When you find that your emotional backbone to a certain degree, you must learn to relax and do things you are interested in, such as traveling travel, listening to music, chatting with friends to relax and relax.Do not give yourself too much pressure and high requirements, and then blame yourself when you can’t meet.

3. Reasonable food therapy is also helpful to improve often dreaming and insomnia. You can usually eat more vegetables and fruits.High vitamin content in the body can effectively promote the synthesis of neurotransmitters.And neurotransmitters can help improve sleep quality.

4. The environment during sleep is also extremely critical for improving sleep quality.Maintaining the indoor temperature and humidity is appropriate. With a warm and comfortable bed, you can improve the quality of sleep.

If you often insomnia and dream, try these methods above and believe that it will be helpful to your situation.

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