Drinking chrysanthemum tea is also particular about

Source: China Net

Chrysanthemum tea is a kind of flower tea made of chrysanthemums as raw materials. Fresh chrysanthemums need to be picked, dried, dried, raw and drying, baking and other processes to become chrysanthemum tea.The chrysanthemum tea is cold, and the taste is bitter.During the Tang Dynasty, there were records of people drinking chrysanthemum tea.

Chrysanthemum tea can not only make drinking alone, but also matches Longjing tea and Pu’er tea to make more unique flavors and more nutritious tea drinks.With the improvement of people’s quality of life, chrysanthemum tea with health care function is already a common drink in our daily life, but not everyone is suitable for drinking chrysanthemum tea.

As one of the top ten famous flowers in my country, chrysanthemums are almost everywhere.However, chrysanthemum tea has different effects due to its different production areas.Based on the chrysanthemum tea varieties of chrysanthemum tea: fetal chrysanthemum, emperor chrysanthemum, and Kunlun snow chrysanthemum, fetal chrysanthemum can evacuate wind heat, flat liver and clear eyes, clear heat and detoxify;Heart fire; Kunlun Snow Chrysanthemum is mainly reduced blood pressure.It can be seen that although different types of chrysanthemum tea have a certain effect, it is slightly different in the direction of specialized attacks.When drinking everyday, we still need to check the information and choose the type of chrysanthemum tea that suits them.If you are used to treat your own discomfort, you should follow the doctor’s order.

In addition to paying attention to the variety of chrysanthemum tea, there are several types of people who are not suitable or can drink chrysanthemum tea.

Pregnant women: Although chrysanthemum tea is cold, although it has the effect of alleviating constipation and fire, because women have poor physical resistance during pregnancy, the spleen and stomach are weak, whether they can drink chrysanthemum tea also need to be determined according to the physical fitness and doctors’ suggestions.

Cold constituents: Cold constituents are usually poor in spleen and stomach, and often taking cold chrysanthemum tea can easily lead to spleen and stomach discomfort and affect physical health.

Wind cold cold patients: Although chrysanthemum tea itself has a certain prevention and treatment of colds, the cold cold is a cold caused by cold. The coldness of chrysanthemum tea may affect the speed of rehabilitation and even cause the symptoms.

People with allergies: People with allergies to chrysanthemums cannot drink chrysanthemum tea.

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