Drinking without knowing pregnancy, can this baby still want it?

Can I drink alcohol when I am pregnant?Most people will shake their heads like this problem when they hear this problem. "Of course not to drink, which will cause fetal malformations" is the view of most people.However, in the early pregnancy, many expectant mothers did not know that they were drinking and drinking. What should I do?Can this baby still ask?

Star pregnancy will always receive a lot of attention. A few days ago, the photos of Lin Xinru and his friends gathering were exposed. Because of holding a wine glass in his hand, he was "bombed" by netizens."Drinking drinks is irresponsible to the fetus" and other words.Make our goddess angry.So, is it true that netizens say?

Can I drink alcohol?

Party A: Can’t drink

Most people think that drinking for pregnant women can cause fetal malformations.Alcohol will flow into the fetus with blood and placenta, damage the development of the fetus, causing facial deformed and small skulls such as fetal facial deformed, and severe may lead to premature birth and abortion.Alcohol can also damage the fetal brain cells, causing abnormalities and dysfunction of the brain structure, leading to the low condition of the fetus.

In addition, alcohol can prevent the absorption of folic acid and vitamin B, causing anemia or multiple neuritis for pregnant women.The baby who loves to drink during pregnancy is likely to suffer from fetal sex alcohol syndrome.Therefore, women generally quit alcohol after discovering that they are pregnant.

Party B: Drink

However, some people think that it is too exaggerated when you are pregnant, and occasionally drinking a small amount of alcohol.In the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, about 20%-80%of pregnant women will drink alcohol during pregnancy, and there is no clear case that drinking drinks has a adverse effect on the fetus.It is also proposed that ancient people also borrowed alcohol to be available, and there would be a small amount of alcohol in the fetal medicine.

Summary: Some experts say that the fetus is in a formal period four months before pregnancy, and pregnant women cannot drink.After four months, pregnant women can drink a low amount of alcohol with a low amount of alcohol per week.

However, the "appropriate amount" is not a clear standard, and everyone has different metabolic capabilities for alcohol.Therefore, if the expectant mother wants to drink, just take a few mouthfuls, and do not exceed twice a week.

What should I do if I don’t know if I don’t know about pregnancy?

As mentioned earlier, I ca n’t drink for four months before pregnancy. Some women do n’t know that they are pregnant in the early days of pregnancy. What should I do if I accidentally drink?

First of all, go to the hospital for examination and tell the doctor (including the time, quantity, number of times), let the doctor have a record and do a targeted examination to see if there are threatened abortion and ectopic pregnancy.

Secondly, pregnant women should add more folic acid and vitamins.Both folic acid and vitamins help prevent fetal malformation and promote the healthy development of the baby.Do not blindly make up for folic acid, you should follow the doctor’s requirements.Vitamin supplements are best obtained through food, eating more fresh vegetables and fruits.

Finally, do n’t drink because of this too much worry and do n’t know if you do n’t know, your body will decompose and filter some alcohol first.Moreover, conception is a process of survival of the fittest. Only the best eggs and sperm can be combined into fertilized eggs, and after layer of resistance can we enter the uterine development into embryos.Since the fetus survives, it shows that he has undergone the "test" of alcohol.Blindly worried is even more bad for the fetus.

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