Dumber girl!During pregnancy and lactation, they also took drugs and daughter -in -law boarding male poisonous friends, and the three daughters were abandoned

The two girls were brought back to Chongqing by the grandfather, and the eldest daughter sent back to WeChat: We are fine, thank you.

Prosecutor Yang Qin hugged Liang Jing’s second daughter, full of pity and love.

When the police officer of the Chaoming Police Station of the Public Security Bureau of Hangzhou, Ruan Hangjie, who was in the case of Liang Jing (a pseudonym), was linked to the male poisonous friend’s house around 40 years old.In the two -bedroom and one -living room, Liang Jing squatted in the corridor, and her eldest daughter took care of her 2 -year -old second daughter in the room.

In November last year, Qiu Yan, a public prosecution section of the Procuratorate of the Xiacheng District of Hangzhou, first tried Liang Jing, who was 35 -year -old.Qiu Yan asked Liang Jing, during the second daughter of pregnancy and breastfeeding, did you never have Ding Dian’s restraint on drug use?Liang Jing shook his head.

Qiu Yan, who is also his mother, was angry. "I have had a lot of cases of drug dealers, and they finally sentenced to death.There is no human nature. "

A few days ago, the Hangzhou Xiacheng Court sentenced Liang Jing to one year or seven months.At the same time, the Procuratorate issued a procuratorial suggestion to the civil affairs department, suggesting that the District Civil Affairs Bureau applied to the court to cancel the qualifications of Liang Jing’s guardian.

She is a addictive

Pregnancy and lactation are not wrong during the stages of lactation

Liang Jing, born in 1982, was born in Chongqing. He studied in Yunnan and Xinjiang. He graduated from a normal school in Northwest China and has a technical secondary school degree.

During her study, the girl met a man, and she thought it was love, and he seduced her for the first bite.When she gave birth to her daughter, the man had no news.

After graduating, Liang Jing also did it for a period of time in Wuhan Zhenger for a period of time.Ten years ago, she came to Hangzhou alone, and her eldest daughter stayed in her hometown Chongqing raised by her grandparents.

Because of intermittent drugs, Liang Jing’s life was messy after coming to Hangzhou.She worked at the night, and later, everyone couldn’t say what she was doing.For a addict, it is their most common path to trafficking.

In 2016 and 2017, public security organs in Hangzhou districts made a penalty decision on administrative detention to Liang Jing’s drug abuse, but they were obtained because of Liang Jing’s pregnancy and breastfeeding.

It was after seeing these cases, and after being confirmed by Liang Jing as a face, the prosecutor Qiu Yan was angry: "When we are pregnant, we have a bad taboo for our children.

Liang Jing is very beautiful, it is the kind of beautiful and quiet beauty, but when she raises her face, you can see the 20 -year history of drug use, turning a beautiful woman as dry as dry, and her eyes are not angry.

Liang Jing said weakly, "Isn’t this because the child’s father was gambling, I was in a bad mood." The so -called child’s father did not formally marry Liang Jing, and he was a fourth or fifty -year -old.

Seeing that my mother was caught

The eldest daughter said, "She didn’t do anything good"

When the clue of two daughters was passed on to the Public Prosecution Division of the Shimcheng Procuratorate, the prosecutor Yang Qin was particularly concerned about the child’s condition.

Prosecutors and police officers in depth the case.It turned out that in January 2017, Liang Jing, who had never raised her child in January 2017, asked for help from her hometown.As a result, the 16 -year -old daughter dropped out of school to help her mother with her sister.

Mom has no job, no fixed place of residence, and took the children to stay at different poisonous friends.Even so, my mother often does not return overnight. The 16 -year -old girl becomes the only "mother" of her sister. She changes the diapers and feeds her sister. She still lives upside down.

It was because of concerns about the child’s condition that before the arrest of last June, all parties also carefully discussed a arrest plan. There was also a professional psychological counselor who accompanied him that day.Seeing that Liang Jing was arrested, her eldest daughter was extremely calm. "She didn’t do anything good, I also advised her."

Liang Jing was subsequently filed for drug trafficking. Recently, the Xiacheng District Court sentenced Liang Jing to one year and seven months in prison.At the same time, the Procuratorate of Xiacheng District issued a procuratorial suggestion to the civil affairs department, suggesting that Xiacheng District Civil Affairs Bureau applied to the court to revoke Liang Jing’s guardian qualification.The Civil Affairs Bureau of Xiacheng District has currently filed a lawsuit to the Liaocheng People’s Court.

The three daughters of the premature birth were abandoned in the hospital

Children have symptoms of toxic addiction

However, things have not ended here.

When the prosecutor Yang Qin did not contact the two daughters of Liang Jing to contact the civil affairs department in order to settle Liang Jing, he accidentally learned from the District Civil Affairs Bureau that a child was abandoned by his mother at the Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital.

The child was raised by medical staff for more than 2 months. After the health status was in line with the discharge synagunic, he was then sent to the Municipal Welfare House.

The results of the survey were shocked, and the child was also Liang Jing.The child is premature, and because the drug component is transmitted from the blood of the mother to the child through the umbilical cord to the child’s body, the child immediately showed the symptoms of drug addiction. At the time of birth, it was only 3 pounds weighing, as well as swallowing and heart problems.Liang Jing sneaked away, and she couldn’t say who the child’s father was.

This addictive mother will currently bear two more crimes, abandonment, and monitoring and infringement.The case is currently underway.

But what about Liang Jing’s children?In early June, the Xiacheng Procuratorate drafted the "Timely Reporting and Disposal Mechanism of the Cases of Umers and Cases", hoping to promote the establishment of a timely reporting system throughout the region.

Finally, Chongqing’s grandfather took away Liang Jing’s eldest daughter and little daughter.Xiacheng Procuratorate also contacted Chongqing, and the other party helped solve the child’s reading and household problems.Two days ago, Yang Qin received WeChat from Liang Jing’s daughter. The child said, "Auntie, we are good, you can rest assured, thank you,"

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