During pregnancy, a few pregnant mothers will have "afraid of cold constitution", which is related to placenta development. Prevention is important.

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When everyone is the same environment, some people feel that the temperature is just right, but some people feel a little cold, and some people feel cold, which actually has a lot to do with the physical fitness of the individual.Often people who are chills and cold are very small. The poor blood circulation at the end of the body causes the hands and feet to be cold. Once the temperature changes, it is easy to get sick.

Some pregnant women have reported that their constitution is normal before pregnancy, but why do they feel cold from time to time after pregnant babies?Below we will give you the reasons why pregnant women are afraid of cold and how to improve the temperature of their bodies.

During pregnancy, a few pregnant mothers will have "afraid of cold constitution", which is related to placenta development. Prevention is important.

Generally speaking, expectant mothers feel that they are afraid of cold and cold, most of them occur in the early stages of pregnancy, about 12 weeks, because during this period, the placenta in the uterus is slowly developing, and a certain stimulus to pregnant women causes a certain stimulus to cause pregnant womenThe body temperature rises.Based on this principle, when we go to the hospital to check whether they are pregnant, the doctor can make preliminary judgments by measuring body temperature.

After the twelfth week, the development of the placenta has basically taken shape, and the body temperature of pregnant women will slowly return to normal. In the late pregnancy, expectant mothers have increased their blood volume due to the nutrition of the fetus, and the flow speed will be more common than ordinary people.Faster, you can bring some heat to the body, and at this time, pregnant women no longer feel afraid of cold.

In fact, whether pregnant women feel that they are afraid of coldness are just relatively statement. When the external temperature has not changed, it will feel cold when the temperature in the body rises.Of course, this is not to say that pregnant women become cold because of pregnancy. These are temporary physiological regulation, which has a great relationship with the development of the placenta. Therefore, it is not necessary to suddenly become afraid of cold and anxiety.

What are the tricks for fear of cold during pregnancy?

@:: I just conceived our family’s Duoduo. It would happen to be the end of autumn and early winter. I feel that no matter how much clothes are worn, I have been complaining with my husband too cold. I can’t wait to turn on the air conditioner for 24 hours. In fact, the temperature at the time at that timeOnly 15 degrees Celsius, and then I did a soft exercise in the yard in the yard, so that I warmed me.Xiaobian commented: If pregnant women feel cold, learn to disperse their attention, do some housework at hand, or go to walk for walking, do yoga, etc. These are relatively relaxed and quantitative exercises.

@: The method of warming myself is particularly simple and practical. Once I feel cold, I will drink a lot of hot water, and drink small mouths without interruption. Sometimes I put some brown sugar and ginger slices.The underwater belly is basically warm.Editor’s comment: Both brown sugar water or ginger tea are warm drinks, which can be consumed in moderation. It is not only suitable for pregnant women, but also the effect of nourishing the palace.

Pay attention to warmth measures during pregnancy

1. The clothes that pregnant women can choose are best cotton products, especially they are wearing them. They are soft, comfortable, and sweat.

2. Pregnant women should not ignore nutritional intake because they are worried about their body fat. The lack of fat and protein will also make the body afraid of cold. The most serious problem is to affect the development of babies in the body.

3. You cannot wear very thin because you need to pay attention to your own image at all times. Pregnant women must increase clothes in an appropriate amount. Keeping warm in this period is the most important thing.

4. Eating some hot fruits can also improve your cold resistance. If you feel cold, it is recommended to soak it with warm water when eating.

Fear of cold during pregnancy is caused by personal differences, not all pregnant women.Here we need to remind you of expectant mothers to take care of the fetus first and add appropriate clothes when the weather is cold. At this time, we will shine the glory of maternal love no matter how we wear it, and don’t care about the views of others.

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