During pregnancy, chest tightness and breath, have you recruited expectant mothers?Poke in the inner GET relief method

Peninsula reporter Wang Xinxin

Many pregnant mothers may have chest tightness and shortness of breath after pregnancy, feel uncomfortable, and feel uncomfortable.However, most of the reasons for causing chest tightness and qi may not understand. How to prevent it in the daily life of pregnant mothers?What are the common causes of shortness of breath and shortness of breath in pregnant mothers?To this end, the obstetricians of the West Coast Academy of Qingda Affiliated Hospital answered and supported everyone.

What are the causes of chest tightness during pregnancy?

With the increase of pregnancy, at this time, pregnant women will feel the shortage of varying degrees, and even some pregnant women have symptoms such as chest tightness and shortness of breath in the early stages of pregnancy.

1. Gurogen increase

Experts point out that after pregnancy, your body needs more oxygen. Only in this way can your body be adjusted accordingly to ensure your health and the oxygen needed by the fetus.In addition, the increase in hormones during pregnancy, at this time your lung function will be directly affected.

At the same time, the increase in progesterone will also stimulate the breathing center of your brain. Therefore, although the number of breathing per minute during pregnancy has not changed much, the amount of air you inhaled each time will increase significantly.

2. Extraction of uterus

The increase in uterus will cause pregnant women to need more oxygen.Especially in the second stage of pregnancy, at this time, the uterus will increase to more than ten times or even tens of times. In this case, an increased uterus is pressured to the diaphragm.obvious.

If the fetal position is relatively high, the shortness of breath and the effective breathing will be more obvious.

Some pregnant women with many twins will work harder.

What are the ways to alleviate symptoms?

The symptoms of shortness of breath and shortness of breath of pregnant women in the later stages of pregnancy are the most obvious. Experts point out that this has a lot to do with the large amount of progesterone secretion and the increase in uterine.At this time, pregnant women should not be particularly worried. Places with sufficient oxygen to breathe can relieve these discomfort symptoms.

During the few weeks before giving birth, the symptoms of shortness of breath will be significantly improved.And at this time, pregnant women will have a sense of relaxation, which is actually a feeling of a fetus decline, and most of the reasons are caused by the fetus into the pelvis.This is also a sign of before childbirth, and pregnant mothers should pay attention to.

If you have shortness of breath during pregnancy, please do not be nervous first. There is usually no major in qi during pregnancy, and it is normal.In daily life, you can slow down the rhythm. Do not force yourself when you are active or exercise.Keep your upper body straight and do your shoulders backwards to expand your lungs as much as possible, especially when you are sitting.You can use the left sleeping posture when you sleep at night, and use a pillow to raise your head, which may make you feel better.

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