During pregnancy, chest tightness can not breathe, and I dare not lie completely when I sleep. Come and try these 3 movements.

The hour hand was pointing at 10 o’clock, and finally finished cleaning. Xiaowen took the first to lie on the bed and brews sleepy, but she sat up from the bed within a few minutes.

And pulled the quilt with his hand and pressed his chest with a large mouth, and quickly called his husband Xiao Li while breathing. The husband who heard the sound was holding a cup of warm water in his hands.

Xiaowen finished drinking three or two, but he didn’t use it. He always felt that he had a difficult breathing, as if a large stone was pressed on his chest, panicked.

After finally ease some, the two fell asleep and went to Tianming all night, but in the morning, she was awakened again, feeling that the quilt was pressed on her body.

This will not be delayed anymore. The child has been 7 months old. If something is wrong at this time, the whole family cannot bear it.

I hurried to the hospital and hung up the emergency department without eating. After some examination, the doctor got the result, that is, the normal chest tightness and shortness of breath during pregnancy.

The Xiaowen couple was relieved and angry. Why did others be good when they were pregnant and nothing, even chest tightness was very mild.

Why is it so serious when I get to myself? I can feel uncomfortable several times a day. The doctor then asked Xiaowen’s daily activities before I told her where to sit.

Short chest tightness is a thing that every pregnant mother will almost happen, but it is different. Generally, pregnant mothers who are more severe, almost these things happen during pregnancy.

1. Bed in bed for a long time

Ms. Qin is an elderly pregnant woman who managed to be pregnant with a test tube baby. For the sake of the fetus, Ms. Qin started a bed journey from three months and two months.

In addition to the necessary eating and drinking Lazar, the rest of the time is basically spent on the bed, and the amount of exercise is basically 0. Therefore, Ms. Qin had symptoms of chest tightness and shortness of breath in about six months.

At the beginning of the uncomfortable symptoms, Ms. Qin went to the hospital for the first time. As a result, the doctor told her that she was too nervous. In fact, she didn’t need to stay in bed all the time.

Long -term bed rest has made many pregnant mothers exercise 0, and the physical tolerance is slowly decreased. It is difficult to withstand the burden of the body until the third trimester.

2. Excessive diet weight increases

Some pregnant mothers will make up a lot after pregnancy, and the weight is also growing rapidly. Whether it is done by themselves, this impact on the body is very huge.

The reason why people feel short of chest tightness and shortness of breath must be because the heart and chest cavity are oppressed, so they feel uncomfortable.

For those who are obese, because of this reason, they often feel that they will breathe difficulty only after gaining, and they start to breathe in two steps.

3. The mother -in -law oppress the mother’s heart

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of pregnant mothers. Compared with the oppression of the bladder, the upper arms are oppressing the mother’s heart. Therefore, many mothers who are pregnant will have symptoms of chest tightness and short breathing difficulties after five months.

However, don’t worry about chest tightness and shortness of breath. For mothers in the third trimester, it can be said that most of them will experience, unless a few pregnant mothers who are pregnant with fat belly can’t feel it.

Even if there is a problem with the third trimester, go to the doctor, the doctor will only tell you that this is normal. Just pay attention to the appropriate exercise and raise the pillow when you rest.

1. Control weight

Each pregnant mother will perform a production check in a fixed hospital in the early stages of pregnancy, and in this process, Chinese doctors will give an estimate through different situations of each pregnant mother.

How much weight increases for pregnant mothers in each cycle has a personal standard, so it is not to say that after pregnancy, you need to supplement the big fish and meat.

Be sure to eat scientific and pay attention to nutrition. As long as you have enough nutrition, even if you eat a meal a day, it is sufficient. Don’t eat a lot of obscure things that are easy to gain weight because of the enthusiasm of your family.

2. Don’t play mobile phones frequently

What can adults do in bed for a long time and read?Cultivation?I don’t believe it, mobile phones are a object that many people can’t do without it now.

And some of the pregnant mothers who have been in bed for a long time, and the radiation is ignored. I just want to be so comfortable, how to come and how to come, and nest in bed every day, holding a mobile phone.

Bucking back on the bed, the space of the fetus will become very narrow, just like people are binding and oppressed in a small house.

Therefore, at this time, the pregnant mother will feel that the chest tightness is short. Do not do this. This will not only radiate the fetus, but also be easy to get hump. It is very bad for pregnant mothers.

Try to get rid of the bed during the third trimester, try more exercise every day, raise your chest, take a deep breath, adjust your breathing rhythm.

3. Appropriate exercise

Here I will share with you a few actions.

(1) Kneeling on your legs and opening your chest

Moms with relatively large stomachs in the third trimester can open a little bit.

(2) Raise the arm upward

Whether you are sitting or kneeling or sitting, raise your arm up, and breathe deeply with the force, sink to the abdomen by breathing, and slowly make your breathing smooth.

(3) Open the arm 90 degrees to the sides on both sides

Open the chest through the expansion of the chest to make the breathing more powerful, adjust the breathing through the swing of the arm.

No matter what posture is, there is only one purpose, just to be able to open the chest and make the breathing more open and powerful, so do not lying often in bed or zero exercise.

A healthy diet combines appropriate exercise to change the current situation of pregnant mothers’ chest tightness. If it is really difficult to change, pregnant mothers must also insist on doing this.

In some cases, pregnant mothers, like Xiaowen, can also buy a simple oxygen pipe, or to raise the pillow when sleeping, which can relieve the symptoms.

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