During pregnancy, dental problems are attached to it. Do not lose due to small losses. There are 3 reasons for toothache during pregnancy.

As the saying goes, "There is a baby, a bad tooth", which shows that tooth problems are prone to occur during pregnancy.

As a special group of "pregnant women", some problems that are usually ignored may be enlarged infinitely during pregnancy, which eventually causes terrible dental problems.The inconspicuous teeth problem actually contains great lethality.

If dental problems are not dealt with as soon as possible, the baby and mother may be greatly dangerous.During pregnancy, he pays attention to oral care and is responsible for your baby and pregnant mothers themselves.

Zhang Zhang is a novice mother who was pregnant for 2 months. Half a month ago, she felt that her teeth had a looseness and it was particularly painful.

I can only eat some soft ones when eating, too cool and too hot, dare not eat.I wanted to bear it, but after a few days, Zhang Zhang found that the gums began to appear red and swollen and bleeding.

Because I couldn’t take medicine during pregnancy, Zhang Zhang forced to endure for a few days.When I got up in the morning, Zhang Zhang found that his face was a bit swollen, and his stomach was a little uncomfortable. Then he called his husband to go to the hospital.

After the examination, the doctor said to Zhang Zhang, "How long have you been toothache, and now the baby shows signs of miscarriage.

After listening to the doctor, Zhang Zhang was very scared. With the help of the doctor, after a week of treatment, Zhang Zhang and the baby finally had a crisis.

Many Baoma knows that they cannot be extracted during pregnancy.When toothache occurs during pregnancy, Baoma will be painful.However, many Baoma is also curious. I feel that there is no tooth problem before pregnancy. Why do I still have toothache after pregnancy?

1. Change changes

The main cells of gum tissue are fibroblasts, and estrogen can promote the hyperplasia of fibroblasts.

After pregnancy, the estrogen in the body of the pregnant mother increased, stimulating the gums to become fibroblast hyperplasia, capillaries dilatation, etc. In severe cases, gum swelling and inflammation occurred.

2. Diet change

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers will become easy to be hungry, and they also like to eat some sweets or sour foods.If the oral cavity is not cleaned in time, tooth problems are prone to occur.

Especially in the early pregnancy, pregnant mothers who vomit vomiting have gastric acid spit out in the stomach, which are corrosive and do not clean up in time. Time can lead to dental caries.

3. Little vitamins

The intake of vitamins during pregnancy is very important. When pregnant mothers do not take enough nutrition, the baby will absorb the nutrition of reserves from the mother’s body, so that the pregnant mother will lack vitamins and cause gum problems.Pregnant women with toothache during pregnancy should pay special attention to the adjustment of diet. Usually pay attention to drinking water. If appropriate, you can quote some chrysanthemum tea toothache. You should eat some light digestion. Light foods rich in vitamin high -protein are recommended to drink more fresh ginger loofah.Soup can clear heat and detoxify, swelling, and have a certain relief effect on the gum swelling and pain of pregnant women

Method: Fresh ginger and loofah are washed and cut into the casserole for three hours. Take it twice a day.

Pregnancy is a special period, and pregnant mothers need to spend more thoughts to ensure oral health.The following 4 measures learn together:

1. Basic oral care

It is recommended to use fluoride toothpaste, brush your teeth at least 2 times a day for 3 to 5 minutes each time.Use dental floss to clean the teeth seams every day, and you must rinse your mouth after meals.It is recommended that pregnant mothers rinse their mouths with non -alcoholic non -prescription mouthwash before going to bed.

2. Use lignol

Hylol alcohol has the effect of inhibiting bacterial growth of dental caries, stimulating saliva secretion and reducing plaque.It is recommended that pregnant mothers chew the lip alcohol gum after meals, which can effectively reduce the baby’s dental caries.

3. Eat less sweets

Sweets are one of the culprits that induce dental problems. Candy, cakes, carbonated beverages, fruits and other foods with high sugar content should be eaten less.After eating sweets, you must brush your teeth carefully.

4. Balanced diet

Pregnant mothers lack calcium and vitamins, which can easily lead to dental problems.Usually eat more fresh fruits, dairy products, whole grain foods, meat, eggs, fish, soy products and nuts.

【Mom Sending】

During pregnancy, tooth problems are very troublesome, and it is not convenient to use medication or extraction.

It is recommended that each mother do a good job of oral examination before pregnancy, solve the oral problem one by one, and eliminate all possible dental problems.Let every mother be healthy and healthy.

【Topic today】

Have you done oral examination before pregnancy?

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