During pregnancy, fat, naturally "swollen" 7 methods

The changes in pregnancy during pregnancy make the pregnant moms worry about it, especially in the third trimester, it is easy to cause edema multiple parts such as hands and feet.So, what are the causes of edema and what are the responses?

Reason for 4 reasons for pregnant mothers

• Pregnancy uterine compression of the lower cavity veins, which blocked the blood flow of venous veins;

• Increased aldosterone secreted by placental secretion of placenta and adrenal glandular secretion, causing sodium and water retention in the body;

• The water accumulation in the body, the urine output decreases accordingly;

• The mother’s merging is heavier anemia, the plasma protein is low, the water exudes from the vascular to the surrounding tissue gaps, and so on.

Edema during pregnancy 2 type

• Mainly water

Pregnant mothers have trapped edema, and they can press a small concave place on time with their fingers.The general order: foot, calf, thighs, vulva, abdomen, limbs, eyelids.

• Main sodium salt

Pregnant mothers’ body surface edema is substantial, and it is not obvious to press the edema partly on time to press the edema parts on time.

Mommy 7 ways to eliminate edema

❶ Full rest

The best way to eliminate edema is to reconcile.Studies have shown that the burden of heart, liver, and kidneys will decrease when quiet, and edema will naturally reduce or disappear.

❷ Pay attention to keep warm

Puffed, that is, the accumulation of water.In order to eliminate edema, the blood circulation must be unblocked and the breath is smooth.In order to achieve these two points, in addition to being at ease, pay attention to keep warm.

服 wear suitable clothes

Wearing tight clothes can cause poor blood circulation and cause swelling of the body.

❹ Consumption low salt meal

After pregnancy, the function of regulating salt and moisture decreases. Therefore, in daily life, try to control the intake of salt, and the daily intake should be less than 10g.

裤 Putting elastic (pants) socks

In order to reduce excessive blood accumulation in the lower limbs, it is recommended to put on elastic (pants) socks before going out early in the morning, especially for a long -term standing or maintaining a pregnant mummy.You can choose the socks dedicated to pregnant moms, and you can wear warmth in autumn and winter.

❻ Sleep on the left

Take a sleeping position on the left side can effectively reduce edema.

运动 Hand and feet exercise

• Hand exercise.It is recommended that pregnant moms hold both hands to the head, bend first, then straighten each finger to help reduce the swelling of the fingers.

• Foot exercise.Before going to bed (or at a lunch break) to raise your legs for 15-20 minutes, you can also turn the ankle joint and feet.Prevent the occurrence of diseases such as varicose veins.


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