During pregnancy, fruits cannot be eaten too much to prevent it from becoming a "sugar mother"

Qiu Yu found that she was pregnant. Her good sister Tingting was officially upgraded to her mother. Seeing how beautiful and cute her baby, Qiu Yu was also looking forward to her child. Tingting told her that the baby’s skin could be so so on.Bai Nen, thanks to her particular love to eat fruit during pregnancy, and then look at the baby’s eyes, dark and bright, like two big grapes, and she likes to eat grapes most when she is pregnant."It is not unreasonable.

After listening to Tingting’s words, Qiu Yu also started to eat fruits. Imagine that the baby’s skin was red and red after the birth of the baby in the future.It ushered in a period of appetite. She has no scruples now. She will eat a lot of fruits after dinner every day, but in the recent birth checkup, the doctor told her that the sugar tolerance was not passing and learned that her eating habitsLater, the doctor told her not to eat so many fruits to go home. If she was not passed next time, it was possible to consider whether it was gestational diabetes.

Many expectant mothers like to eat fruits during pregnancy. On the one hand, the taste of fruits is more delicious. The taste of the original pregnancy changes a lot, sometimes eosinienal, and the fruits can meet the appetite of the pregnant mother at the same time.Some pregnant mothers even use fruit as a meal.On the other hand, some people have the same thoughts as Qiu Yu, thinking that eating more fruits can have a white baby with white skin, but in fact, there is no scientific basis. Although vitamins in fruits are beneficial to beautify the skin, the baby’s skin will skin in the future.The good or bad is also related to the inheritance of parents and the care of the day after tomorrow.

Eating fruits during pregnancy should be appropriate. If you want to consume vitamins, you can also eat more vegetables, and the sugar content in some fruits is very high. If you eat too much, it will cause GDM.All kinds of food can be balanced.

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